Sheridan Media Week In Review

Sheridan Media Week In Review

Here are some highlights of the past week's news on Sheridan Media:

*Three fires were started by lightening in Sheridan County, but were quickly contained. Our neighbors to the north weren't so lucky, as seven fires have started in southeastern Montana, and the town of Lame Deer and the area north on Highway 93 was evacuated to Ashland.

*Wyoming Governor, Matt Mead, visited two major wildfire sites within the state and commented on what he saw.

*Meanwhile, Sheridan Fire Chief, Terry Lenhart, announced he'll be hosting a workshop for elected officials and the media to get a taste of the work that goes into being a firefighter.

The class will be over a weekend in mid-September.

*Two Rocky Mountain Ambulance employees were put on administrative leave while they face accusations of battery. Alex Carmody and Brand Stewart will appear in court Thursday to address the misdemeanor charges against them.

*We learned the city is planning improvements on the Sheridan elk pasture near Kendrick Park. City of Sheridan Parks Director, Chuck Carbert, said improvements have been made to in the observers' area already.

The city is also considering new landscaping in the pasture.

*Ambre Energy filed a counterclaim against Cloud Peak Energy regarding a lawsuit accusing Ambre of abuse of managerial powers in the Decker Coal Mine. The two entities became partners last November, but there was confusion regarding the fate of the Decker mine. Ambre wants to dissolve the partnership and accuses Cloud Peak Energy of diverting business from the Decker Coal Mine to the Spring Creek Mine, which Cloud Peak also owns. Ambre energy entered the agreement to increase production at the Decker Mine and cater to Asian coal markets.

*Officials with Sheridan County and the Sheridan County Conservation District held a series of public meetings this week on the impairment of the Goose Creeks in Sheridan County. Hundreds of unregulated septic systems along the Goose Creeks are causing bacterial contamination of the creeks and their tributaries. Sheridan County Conservation District Carrie Rogazewski says that there is assistance available for those looking to make their septic system compliant with the County's rules and regulations.

Livestock and wildlife also contribute to water contamination in the creeks.

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