Sheridan Mayor Discusses The Issue of SAWS Water Rates

SAWS water rates....are they too high, not high enough? That's a question that remains unanswered as there are customers of the SAWS system that argue the cause for both cases.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey recently aired his opinion on the matter on KROE'S Public Pulse program.

The Mayor said that engineers have calculated that there is enough water to get us through a 50 year drought without going into rationing, as long as water can be released from Twin Lakes Reservoir.

What I question is Kinskey

What I question is Kinskey two months ago voted down having to pay into SAWS to the tune of $180k annually.Now he can't figure out why the individual consumer is going to have to pay more per month.

That's the problem with Kinskey he talks out both sides of his mouth depending on what day it is.

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