Sheridan Mayor Adds Clarification To Capital Facilities Tax Distribution

There has been some confusion as of late as to the way the current Capital Facilities Tax is going to be distributed throughout Sheridan County. The last time the tax was passed, monies were distributed to the smaller communities such as Dayton, Ranchester and Clearmont first. This time around that distribution method was not part of the campaign, yet officials from the Towns of Ranchester and Dayton approached the County Commissioners with the request of receiving their tax money before the City of Sheridan and Sheridan County.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey says that the City has not yet reached a decision on how the Cap Tax money will be dispensed.

The Sheridan City Council has tabled the matter until their December 7th meeting.

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City losing in several ways

Whatever the reasoning for all city council people, to balk at the request to fund the smaller municipalities first, understand that there is little support for your position on either side of the city limits of Sheridan.
Whoever dropped the ball about front end allocation for the smaller communities when the campaign was being put together, doesn't matter now. The perception is that the City and Dave are being bullies.

The smaller municipalities likely don't have the staff to write the grants/loan applications as touted by some councilmen. Sheridan has an excess of those staffers right now.

Another rumor floating right now is that the City stalled til the December council meeting to allow a 'trigger' date of some sort to pass in the resolution that would prohibit changing the allocation method. If that is true, shame on you.

Be magnanimous and allow the change. The amounts going to the smaller communities are 'chump change' to the City. To force these communities to accept the Will of the City creates Chumps of a different kind.

Spin City is already a TV show. We don't need another one here.


What people really need to know

People really need to understand that under the previous cap tax distribution, Ranchester, Dayton and Clearmont collected all their monies within the first few months of 2003, and their payments stopped. Sheridan City and County have been receiving payments as recently as last month on the old cap tax. Now they are wanting to roll right into receiving payments on the newly voted tax. If the distribution were so "illegal" as Mr. Kinskey implies then how was is allowed to be distributed the way it was on EVERY SINGLE cap tax before this one.

The City of Sheridan is doing more harm than they realize. By disallowing the smaller towns to bank their whole payment and draw interest, they are depriving these towns of nearly $50K per year in interest payments. There are a lot of extra projects that could be payed for with an extra $50K per year. What they are also doing to harm these smaller towns is not giving them the money needed to meet grant matching requirements. The town of Clearmont is only going to be receiving $7K...yes only 7 Thousand Dollars per month on the payment schedule Kinskey is ramming down everyone's throats....It is going to take them YEARS before they are going to be able to have saved enough $$ to pay for any of their projects....!!!

And like every great democracy run a muck by a self-serving politician....If Rnahcester, Dayton and Clearmont all vote to distribute the cap tax the same as it was in the past, their three votes as representatives of their municipalites should be enough to out weigh the votes of the county and city...but for some reason everyone is giving Kinskey all the power....who died and made him President Obama!?!?!?

Go to your councilors, mayors and county commissioners and tell them the distribution should proceed as it was before. The smaller towns receive their payments FIRST...the whole thing!!! Oh, and by the way...the Almighty Sheridan would only have to go about 3 months without receiving a payment before the start to receive nearly $250K a month for the next 5-6 years!!! Sheridan it's time you stop being a bully and do what's right for a change. The biggest loser in this cap tax is the hope to ever have it renewed again. Sheridan has caused so much chaos in such a simple program that the hope of it being re voted on again in a positive manor is slim to let's all make the best of it while it's here, because who knows if we'll ever see it again!!!

Amazing there was never any

Amazing there was never any problem with dispensing the cap tax in the past,but then again that was prior to the kinskey dictatorship.Leave it to kinskey to find a way not to pay the other communities this time.Then in a last ditch effort to stall even longer, council tables it till december 7th.

Give big dave a call or better yet attend a city council meeting and let big dave know what a great job he's doing.

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