Sheridan Man Takes Plea Deal In Drug Delivery Case

An admitted drug dealer changed his plea yesterday in 4th Judicial District Court on four separate felony counts. 33-year-old Marcus Cobb entered his guilty pleas as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

The charges are based on an incident last October where authorities responded to a report of suspects smoking marijuana in a white Cadillac parked behind Quizno’s. The car was registered to Cobb and a subsequent search resulted in the seizure of 15 separate baggies full of marijuana.

According to the plea agreement Cobb would be sentenced to 4 to 6 years in prison on each of the three counts of delivery and 4 to 5 years on the felony possession count. All the sentences will run concurrently according to the agreement. District Court Judge John Fenn ordered a pre-sentence investigation and the court will decide whether or not to accept the agreement next month.

In other court proceedings, 19-year-old Tiffany Defeyter (dee-FIGHT-er) pled not-guilty to a burglary charge. Defeyter is accused of entering several vehicles last April, looking for items or cash to steal. She did not have permission to enter any of the vehicles. A trial date has been sent for December 1st in District Court. Defeyter faces a possible 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

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People want to do it

I think a aw becomes pretty meaningless when such a big share of the population wants to (and does) what ever is forbidden. Just like prohibition the drug laws are creating more problems than they solve.

And I just wanna say, NO!

And I just wanna say, NO! Wyoming is NOT safe. We've had murders occurring recently, in Sheridan we've had two in the past six months.It's also the meth and coke capitol of the world people(well, Sheridan is anyway). Wyoming is not a safe place to me. I'd rather be in a big city, one so big I lose my way everyday. Living in Wyoming is like living in a place where everybody knows you, and sometimes, thats just not a good thing.

He was a dealer. I dont

He was a dealer. I dont think he was smoking it, otherwise, his sentence wouldve been alot less then what it was. This situation just reminds me that the law enforcement in this town need to re-evaluate what is more important; kids smoking pot, or kids getting raped and killed. The police in this town are so hung up on getting every single person who smokes marijuana, deals it, deals with it, etc.. but little do they know, there are so many other dangerous things going on in this town, and they have no idea because they are worried about weed. This "controlled substance" that is now medically legal all around the world, and even in some states, taxed and sold just like alcohol. The Sheridan Police Department are bored, and on a power trip.


A guy is going to do hard time for selling weed! When is Wyoming going to join the 21st century?

I think there is a little

I think there is a little more to the problem. He was smoking it behind a business! If anything he should be arrested for being a dumb criminal. Marijuana can be a gateway drug, I know this from statistics and my job. I am happy that Wyoming has less serious crimes to report on. It means its safe here. If you want more serious news, move to Colorado. And a guy who is smoking marijuana at 33 years old behind a business should get arrested to hopefully help him realize what his life has become. How embarassing!

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