Sheridan Man Faces Felony Charge in Beating Death of Fawn

Sheridan Man Faces Felony Charge in Beating Death of Fawn

64-year-old James Mack of Sheridan now faces a felony charge for allegedly beating a fawn to death in his front yard this past July. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Dianna Bennett said that the original charge of cruelty to animals has been changed to a Felony Beating or Torture of an Animal charge.

Mack was also cited by the Game and Fish Department for Wanton Destruction of a Big Game or Trophy Animal. Mack has yet to make his initial appearance on the amended charge.

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Someone is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.The deer is wildlife plain and simple.Wildlife laws are enforced by the Wy. Game and Fish Dept.,no one else.This man violated a Wy. Game and Fish law,he was cited and he paid for his crime.End of story.The DA,the court or the police should have no say so in this matter what so ever.This is wildlife not a dog or horse.I don't like what he did or how he did it,but it's still a wildlife violation,not a felony.They have no right sticking their nose in it.If I were this fellow I would fight this to the highest court,post on national media and all over the internet.Then I would sue the DA's office for every penny I could get.


your response is so weak i hate to waste time to address it... maybe the man didnt own a gun, can fire a gun in town? it is ok to kill long as u get permission like a license for the govt? this is a community of hypocrites and this is a fine example..

1. Wasn't deer hunting

1. Wasn't deer hunting season
2. Cannot hunt in town
3. Cannot shoot firearm in town

If it was a dog, you would probably be in an uproar. Nothing about my response was weak. It was reasonable and based on facts. You on the other hand apparently think it is okay to torture and beat animals for any reason.

Brillant comments.... some of you.

A few points: This felony law is on the books. But just because he is being charged with it, doesn't mean that will be the final outcome of this case.

This was an intentional cruel act against an animal. Hitting a deer with your car is an accident. Anyone who makes that silly of an argument needs a reality check.

Hunting? That is different too. Shooting an animal for a purpose with a license and quickly ending their life is one thing. Beating an animal with a shovel because it was in your yard? Completely different.


Most insurance compaies suggest that drivers go ahead and hit a deer rather than swerving. That would make hitting said deer intentional.

The old timer must have been having a bad day!

No matter what the circumstances, a sane person doesn't beat a fawn to death with a shovel. What did the deer do? Eat one of his plants? I believe the felony charge is justified, if you don't agree with the charge, contact your state reps and have them change the law!


What constitutes sane?

One property owner stands idly by and watches an unwanted pest destroy their property that they own and have put a lot of time and expense into to make it attractive.

Another property owner has this same pest destroying his private property and takes action to protect his property.

If it was a human, they would have been dealt with by the law. Are there laws that say that pests of any kind can destroy ones private property with total protection? It is against the law to discharge any firearm within city limits so shooting a pest is out of the question. You cannot use fireworks to scare the pest away. What if, rather than a deer, this pest was a snake or rat? Would it be okay to then use a shovel? A pest, by any other name, is still a pest.


people hunt in wy. blow animals away with high powered weapons.. so this guy used a shovel? he is 64 yo felon? give me a break, the DA's office needs to charge every hunter in sheridan county with a felony. is it less cruel to shoot an animal? such hypocrites but thats what makes sheridan sooooo great!


The difference is - hunters are hunting for meat not just going around killing things to throw in the garbage because they are a bother.

Don't forget

Don't forget to add those people that run over those poor little deer with vehicles to the felon list.

A felony?

What a crock! While I don't agree with the way Jim dealt with it, deer are now pests, the same as dogs running loose, the rabbits that were by K-Mart and the cemetary, and pidgeons. Calling this a felony is a bit harsh, I would think possesion of child porn constitutes way more of a felony than killing a deer. That is unless deer have more legal protection than children. I guess maybe that the proper way to now deal with nuisance deer is to call the police department. Maybe they can control them much like the rabbits and loose dogs.

A little ridiculous

Alright, I can agree with the guy being charged for beating the fawn to death. There are, after all, other ways to deal with that situation that are certainly more humane. However, to charge him with a felony for it seems to be going a little above and beyond to try to make an example of him. Make the guy pay a fine and do a thousand hours community service at the Humane Society in order to pay his debt; but to charge him with a felony seems like someone is trying to grandstand, or that the prosecutors office is bowing to pressure from some group or groups. A felony will adversely affect the rest of his life, this crime does not warrant that. People kill other people and do not receive as much attention as this guy.

Make the punishment fit the crime. He killed an animal, not a person. As much as it may disgust people (myself included), it does not warrant a felony charge.

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