Sheridan Man Charged With Sexual Abuse Of A Child

18-year-old Zackery Morrison made his initial appearance in circuit court Monday afternoon. Morrison is charged with sexual abuse of a minor and sexual exploitation of children.

On September 25th Morrison was allegedly driving around with several juveniles between the ages of 13 and 17. They went to a local residence where Morrison admitted to being alone with one of the young females. He is alleged to have touched her inappropriately and offered to have sex with her.

At some point friends of the victim apparently knocked on the door to the room they were in and the victim released herself from Morrison’s grip to leave the residence.

Morrison pleaded with Circuit Court Judge John Sampson to set an unsecured bond. Sampson stated that Morrison did not seem to realize how serious the charges are that he is facing. Morrison remains in jail on a $25,000 cash only bond.

Morrison could receive up to 15 years on the abuse count and another 12 years for the exploitation charge, if convicted.

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Ok. Now half these comments

Ok. Now half these comments on this page aren't even rashionable. Honestly how are the parents supposed to be responsible for this when the were told that their children were going to school? Ok this was in a series of two days a Friday night and a Tuesday day.This is the Friday night that everything took place. And no, i do not know this from any experience in any of this, god no. But i do know. Ok and half of everyone on here is wrong! Disrespectful! And utterly way off, on everything. So please think about the facts.

I have known Zackery since

I have known Zackery since he was very young and I am not here to defend his actions. I am just bothered by the fact that everyone is jumping conclusions and pointing fingers. The way I see it is Zack has been in and out of the court system since he was a young child and his parents tried to get help for him but they were always denied and Zack was shifted to another group home.They were not responsible in the rearing of this kid the state was!!!!!!! As I have seen in many cases in Sheridan Wyoming this supposed court system we got has kids come through there courts for numerouse offences and does not take any action, They send them home to the parents that are teaching or allowing this kind of behavior and then something this drastict happens and still no reprucussion to the parents. everyone has a opionon but no one knows the facts. Nothing is ever done!!!!! And as for the thirteen year old girl I would know were my daughter is at midnight it is a small town and I have a daughter a few years younger and two teenage boys and they are all aware of there actions and what concicounses are. I believe we should stop pointing fingers there is enough hurt people in this situation. And as for Zack ( MY NEPHEW ) Who is an adult has done the crime now he has to do the time.

Get out

Perhaps you should read the book Codependent No More. You are also a victim of this man's problems, care for yourself and your own needs through this, and take it from someone who has been there and possibly worse, the sooner you free yourself the more you will appreciate it later.


So if these girls were at the Jr. High, why ******* were they there at midnight? No one is at the ******* school that late, so don't even say they were "safe and sound under the care of the school." That's a bull faced lie. I have talked to him, and he says that they were in a room alone together, yes, but they were talking, and someone knocked on the door about 5 minutes later. That was the end of that. If those girls were under the care of the school, why ******* would the girl say that it happened at MIDNIGHT!? Get your ******* facts straight. Don't go putting the blame on him, when those girls were just as apart of it as he was.
~Skye Marie~

Only as good as the info you have...

I am indirectly related to one of the 13 yr old girls that was involved in this horrific incident. Understand, first of all, that I had a hand in bringing down this young man. My heart goes out to you, Skye, as you are being deceived. You made the comment, "I wasn't there, so I can't prove it"... think hard about that statement. I see you as one more victim in this... there are many details to this ordeal that I can't state, as they are not details to be released to public, but understand this: Fact of the matter is, your fiance was caught, red-handed, with the 13 yr olds by one of their mothers. A couple of the girls came forward with information - even though they KNEW that they would be getting one of their friends in trouble as well. If my fiance was caught hauling a bunch of girls around, I do not believe he would be in my good graces. To find out that these girls were 13? He would be given his walking papers. I'm sorry that your life has been turned upside down, & I admire that you are so adamant about standing up for your man... but I would encourage you to go to court with him, hear the facts for yourself, & then I hope that you will realize how fortunate you are to find out the truth BEFORE you married him. I say this with a heavy heart, because I know how painful it can be. As for the commentary about the parents standing trial for the 13 yr old girls' behavior... I cannot speak for all of the girls, but as for the girl I am close to... she was with her friends at the Jr High & they were picked up there. Her parents were under the impression that their daughter was safe & sound under the care of the school. Which brings up a good point - what guy, of the age to drive, is going to pick up a bunch of girls AT THE JR HIGH? Seriously? The girl I am close to is raised in a family environment, where her parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles take an active role in her life. She had never been in trouble before, & I would hope that her butt (what butt she has left after the chewings she received) will be staying out of trouble! It is a parent's responsibility to know where their kids are, who they are with, & what they are doing. I encourage all parents to be sure to introduce themselves to all of the parents of their kids' friends. I have the phone numbers of all of my 14 yr old daughter's friends & their parents! Of course, I also have a constant influx of teenagers at my house... but I know where they are & what they're doing! Good luck to everyone else, & Skye, especially you... Good luck hon.


I couldnt have said that better! I would be embarrassed my fiance would even put himself in that situation.


The only sense u made in your post 'hell kid' is that we don't know if there was a crime or that the accused is guilty. The rest of ur discussion is ignorant at best. Not only would my son not hang out w/ a girl that much younger, he takes responsibility for who wants to hang out with his is called a family and yes i will be in their business and yes i will know where they are...but yes i treat them with respect and explain the reasons they aren't allowed to go some places and yes they know this is not because i'm a control freak, but that i care about what happens to them. they watch other kids who run wild and then notice suddenly they are no longer in school...they got expelled or sent away...and yes they understand that kind of an age gap is inappropriate at best.

Who's to blame?

Who's to blame? Zachary Morrison is to blame. He was the individual that perpetrated this crime. The bigger crime is that he was probably never raised to accept responsibility for his actions, hence all the "who's at fault here" flotsam. This should serve as a wake up call to all the absentee parents--Raise your children to live in the real world, where there are always consequences.



I agree

In my mind this is straight forward. It seems the parent of an 18 year old never got the message from his or her parent that if you cart around a 13 year old or 17 year old, there was a price to be paid. It's not rocket science.

When Kurt reported the issue, he captured a KEY element of the hearing. "Circuit Court Judge John Sampson to set an unsecured bond. Sampson stated that Morrison did not seem to realize how serious the charges are that he is facing."

This says it all. The youth who see this are now trying to minimize what has happened to a peer. In time they will learn that it is their own form of denial that will end up getting themselves into trouble.

Whose to blame?

I feel sorry for the kids who have posted comments saying parents can't know where their kids are 24/7. You obviously don't have parents who care enough to know where you are, what you are doing, and who your friends are. I detest the old excuse that they were kids once and kids will be kids. I wouldn't want my children to make the same mistakes I made. I'd like them to grow up to be better than me. In order to improve society and make it strong, you have to know the difference between right and wrong. Too many excuses are made for almost anything these days. Our society is decaying because of it.

Not all but most people dont

Not all but most people dont know what really happened!! Its so stupid you people shouldn't comment mean things that most of you people know nothing of what happened!! The girl is my best Friend!! At one point we do stupid things!! EVERYONE OF US!! Its almost all lies on the media. People its all stupid lies!! I know it was wrong of my friend to do that. But we all do stupid things!! Most parents dont have time to watch there child 24/7!! Most parents dont know everything there child Is doing!! I should know I am a child and Parents should know cause there were once kids!! It lame that half of you people are saying stupid things!! You dont know what really happened!! Its all lies on Media!!



ok so i am zack morrisons fiance...if your friend lied, why doesn't she just come out with the truth? instead of punishing an innocent man for something i know for a fact he would never do? its just wrong. he was getting his life back on track, and then this happens and screws everything up. we were supposed to get married on Halloween. that isn't happening now, and i have to send out notices to everyone. we had everything ready. we were going to leave this place and not come back. but now thats not going to happen. he didn't do it. this much i know for sure. please, if she is your best friend, get her to tell the truth. its the least she can do after messing up our lives like this. thanks.
~Skye Marie~

lies or not

The situation is not acceptable, and the parent needs to take the brunt of the blame. I like the reaction I am seeing of the youth who are posting... I think if shame was brought on to parents via the community things just might change.. I would be willing to bet that if a parent was shammed by the community the life of the youth just might change.

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thank you for sticking up for him. this is his fiance. i know he didn't do it, but i wasn't there so i can't prove it didn't. i just want this whole thing to go away. we were going to leave here, and go back to my family across the country. we wanted to get out of here, and away from the drama that people in our lives seem to cause...anyway. just thought i'd say thank you. it means alot to me that you stuck up for him...
~Skye Marie~

you are so smart

You say you are just a kid and out smarted all of us, I can completely see where you think that because we are all just a group of "retards that live in a run-down old folks loving smelly as antiseptic community".
Right... So I have a suggestion for you, #1 learn to spell and use proper grammar! #2 clean up your language because using the F word every sentence and calling people YOU DON'T KNOW retards is disrespectful. #3 get a clue! No 18 year old should be running around with a 13 year old, I was there not that long ago and at the age of 18 my mind wouldn't have even gone to the idea of being around a 13 year old!
Now if you decide to take these 3 tips then hopefully once you are old enough you will move and have a nice career and never come back here again! No one wants to have someone live here with the opinion you have of this GREAT town! This town, that I feel safe in and enjoy the retirement community. This town, that actually does something about an 18 year old messing with a 13 year old. This GREAT town that someday hopefully you won't live in!


Very intelligent post. Congratulations.

I'm guilty as charged

As a parent of two boys I am a "overprotective idiot"

lock me up.....

but honestly, your post cracked me up... I miss being a kid and thinking I knew everything...

bottom line no mater how you cut it, if your 18 years old, play it safe and dont try to cart around a 13 year old. It seems like a simple rule...

I like your spunk, and when you have a daughter that is 13 you might just understand...

I agree

With that said, I want to know why a parent would let their child of 13 run with an 18 year old.. Lets put that parent on trial as well.. at some point in time parents of these children must answer to their peers. Im not going to accept an excuse of, "I cant watch over my child 7/24" AS A PARENT THAT IS YOUR JOB...

15 and 12? Bull!

I hope to God this man gets more than someone from my past who harmed a child under the age of 10 and only got 2-5 yrs. Which at the end of the 5 yrs he will be released as "time served" with no parole nor probation or any form of supervision in the least. So, when you see all the time these animals "could" get...don't you believe it! Cause it just doesn't happen!!

J. S. Luckjohn

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