Sheridan Holiday Inn Under New Ownership

It became official Thursday, there is new ownership of the Sheridan Holiday Inn as the hotel has been sold to Cloud Peak Hospitality LLC out of Gillette. Sugarland Enterprises had owned the hotel for a number of years prior to the sale. Along with taking over ownership of the Sheridan Holiday Inn, Cloud Peak Hospitality currently owns four hotels in Gillette and one in Buffalo.

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Horrible experience

After giving this owner and his facility a chance, I will never go back. My debit card was swiped for unauthorized charges, the manager was rude, I was hung up on, and called a liar. Customer service started out fine, then slowly progressed to nothing. All staff there should take a course in customer service and maybe a manager on staff more would be better. I gave this place a chance, but after this experience I will never go back. I think those that have said this family are rude might have a point after this. I feel sorry for the employees that were treated poorly and hope the best for you all! You will be better off not working there! Mr. Kahn, maybe you should be in Sheridan more if you want this community to support your business. Also, what happened to all the We Support Our Troops signs? Do you support the troops?

GREAT Family

I am a former employee of THIS Khan family, and I can honestly say that all of the negative comments on here are unfounded! I worked for them in Gillette and left only because I needed to finish my education, they were indeed the best employers I have ever had and they most definitely reward employees that work hard for them. They are also some of the kindest people I know, and I find it ridiculous that they are being judged so cruelly now. If any of you have ever actually met any member of THIS Khan family, you would not speak so negatively of them. They are GREAT people, and it not only saddens me to hear such awful things said about them, but it makes me ashamed that I come from such a hateful state. As for those that made ridiculous comments about Sturgis rates...EVERY hotel does this. And not just in Gillette or Wyoming. I have now managed at several hotels and it happens everywhere, believe me. It is the law of supply and demand. Do not blame Gillette, or the Khan's for this as any smart hotel owner/manager would do the same thing. The ultimate goal of any business is to maximize profit - Finance 101. I do not know the exact details of the retaining/firing that happened in this case, but I DO know the content of this families character and I know that they would not have done anything out of cruelty. I have personally worked for Aftab (as well as Bibi and Farid) and he is not a liar, many times there are rumors through the grapevine and we ALL know how the telephone game works. Somewhere along the line someone decided to spread the rumor that this was a promise. I am positive that any decisions to let employees go was in the best interest of the company and that those decisions were not easy, nor were they meant as personal attacks. Please, take the time to A. know who you are talking about (as it is apparent that many people assume everyone with the last name Khan is related) and B. get to know the people and the situation, BEFORE you go slandering them on a website. This is a wonderful family to know and work for.

Thats right jenny know what

Thats right jenny know what your talking about first! Just as you don't! I am a former employee and he did promise jobs to those people.. but as he stated on here "we had some of the positions filled with current employees" he didn't even have the decency in him to tell those employees that they were losing there jobs so they can find another one.. They have families to feed too! Think about this.. the exec. housekeeper had two small children at home to feed and by not telling her that she needed to seek employment elsewhere he is taking food from those kids mouths! You were not working for them when this happened.. and you were not here so you really don't know what is going on.. Just because "you" had a "wonderful" experience working for them does not mean that they don't do things out of spite! and yes he did lie.. and you don't know for certain that he didn't.. I think it is highly rude that you are ashamed to live here in this state with us who are so hateful.. if it had been any other way for you I am sure you would have some strong feelings for yourself! It's not slander when it's people expressing their feelings on here.. You are entitled to your writing and so is everyone else, but unlike the former employees you don't know a thing!


former employee

Holiday Inn needed new management. I hope for the employees and friends that are still there that the change is a good change for them. The 25-yr employee who was not re-hired didn't come to work skating real straight and was horrible to co-workers and not all that friendly to customers. Hmmmm maybe that's why no longer employed. Scotts were always very nice to me, pleasant, friendly, and kind. It wouldn't take much for the Holiday Inn to be a better hotel, restaurant, and bar than the way it was being run by the "in-house" upper management. They protected the incompetent, incoherent, incorrigible -- those that didn't do their job, didn't show up for work, didn't play the "team" game, worked against instead of with other employees. There are still a few department level managers left there that amaze me they made it through the re-hire process as they are not educated, experienced, nor management material (of people especially) or any other aspect of the hotel/restaurant business. They are, however, magnificent managers of deceit and maniupulation!

Weren't the Khans the ones

Weren't the Khans the ones that whined to the city about the towing business on north main. No wonder the Khans aren't liked.Luckily people stood up and didn't let the towing business get run out by the Khans.

Excuse me?

You are claiming that the 'khans' tried to stop a towing business north of town? A towing business? The 'khans', which ones? the 400 that live in Wyoming all lined up to try and stop a towing business in Sheridan? Wow what a great story!!!

Please re-read the post you made, think about it and explain the relevance of a towing business and some hotel owners?
This is just an idiotic claim!!


I've heard a lot of trashing of the people who bought the holiday inn, don't really have an opinion either way. I wonder though Wyoming has always been so anti union maybe if those workers had a union they would be better off now?


I am a caucasian who moved here when I was in high schoool. I moved here and let me tell you, the gossiping, the name calling and all the other bullcrap that happens in this small town was rediculous just because I was new! So small minded and I was white. Most people just don't have the balls to call themselves racist, but there are alot of racists in Sheridan. Reading these comments are rediculous. Do the Khan's pay taxes?? Yes, probably more than you do, so for the haters, shut up and quit griping cause you don't have it as good as maybe the Khan's do, who also p.s., work their butts off and can reap the benefits of doing so.

I cannot believe

You know, ever since this community was voted "Best out West" we as a whole have had such a huge EGO that we seem to forget that we are ALL human...and as such, have the same rights, both constitutional and to make mistakes, have the power of choice, the power of decision, and the right to have opinions. Though we all have these rights, some of us seem to forget that their "opinion" is indeed NOT FACT...and should not be taken as such. This was a "BUSINESS" decision...not a personal attack and should not be treated as one. Just because a very low percentage of ppl lost their jobs, (which they can simply try to find another, though I understand the economy is making it a challenge) but you are all taking this like this family put them in a firing line, blindfolded them and took them to their death...HONESTLY! Ppl did you forget that we live in a "right to work" state...that if the management feels like it, they can fire you for looking at them wrong...ppl lose their jobs every day for one reason or another and I don't see you grabbing your pitchforks and torches for them. How, honestly, other than having a certain family purchase the business, is this buyout any different than any other management who runs a business deciding to let someone go? Ask anyone who owns or operates a business, or if you yourself do so, how would they/you act with an employee if they weren't performing to yours or your businesses standards? You'd fire them in a heartbeat, so be honest with yourself. We, as a community, have treated the Khans as if they were the plague, and should be extremely ashamed of ourselves! I have lived here over a decade and this area has changed so greatly I don't recognize it any longer...the ppl are no longer friendly or are reaching their hands out to ppl in need...we as a whole have become hard hearted, cold, insecure, hateful, racist, petty, and judgemental. Ppl I can honestly say I weep for this community because the Golden Rule, in general, no longer applies or is in effect here in Sheridan and it's disheartening and pathetically sad.

J. S. Luckjohn



Holiday Inn's New Ownership

My husband and I were both born and raised in this town. And, yes we are related to justed about everybody in one way or another. Some of them we really wish we could not own up to and their are people with same last name that people confuse with us that aren't related. Stop with making the Khan's who now have invested in our community out to be a piece of cr** just because the other families of Khan might be. This town has became so hateful and narrow minded it hurts. It has ran out business that would have provided jobs to help keep out children here and help with jobs for other's in need. People, please get your head out of from below and let's welcome the Khan's with open arms. I am truly sorry for the people that lost their jobs, however there is always a reason for everything.

Nevermind the nay-sayers!

Fortunately, I do not think the comments posted here on the Sheridan Media site are an accurate representation of the pretty nice folks here in Sheridan. Most of the comments in most of the columns indicate a few people hate a lot of things, those being minorities, democrats, the mayor, dogs playing frisbee, and the President, to name just a few!

I am honored to be one of the folks who harbors a happy dog, loves the mayor, loves the President, votes for democrats, and appreciates diversity.

Change is cool. Nice job Scott family, congrats to the Kahns! May we all work hard to prosper.

Best regards from a normal Sheridan resident.

And kind regards to you!

And kind regards to you! Wow, it's nice to know some normal people are living here!
Thank you for posting! It seems like there are so many small-minded people who post hateful comments on every story! It's good to have a bit of fresh air!

Khan History in Sheridan

I was wondering if anyone could give the rundown of the Khan history in Sheridan. I have read about Hot Tamale' Louis, and find his story facinating, but where do they go from there? Maybe we can get to the bottom of who is related with whom. Just curious, but it has been my experience in the past to see some of the Kahns acting in a manner that is above and beyond, which I believe leads to the negative sentiment coming out in these posts.

the people acting "above and

the people acting "above and beyond" are probably the younger set..I highly doubt the real owners of these properties are acting above and beyond. I personally know the owners of a couple hotels and if you walk into his motel you wouldn't think he was the owner he is pushing a mop around. He has worked hard all of his life at low end paying jobs and has had every deregoratory term sent his way by jealous close minded people and still has managed to stand tall and become a sucessful man. I for one am proud that this family has chosen to invest thier hard earned money into this community. and I want to send out my sincere Congratulations.


Well, let's just open up our

Well, let's just open up our big book that keeps track of all actions of minorities living in our community and spell out someone's private business here on the internet! If you want to know about someone's family history, why don't you get to know them?

This is not Star magazine

This is not Star magazine OK, who cares whos related to who, let them do their business, how about you give us all of your family tree and than we will be happy to sit down with you and tell you how we are related.
I have a GREAT IDEA lets give Sam Waltons heirs a call and ask them to break down how they are all related.

SHERIDAN PEOPLE WHO CARES ABOUT THE KHANS LET THEM BE, they are succesful people good for them, Fred, and Bibi, Shamin and Zarif, Rajab and Zarina, Mumtaz and Amina. I am proud that they are building in my town and giving us a economy lets not pick them apart

Some point Sheridan media needs to step in and say enough is enough this is not a gossip website it is tarnishing people repuations and names if I was a Khan I would be contacting an attorney to get all this false gossip crap stopped by sheridan media

I believe the Biography

I believe the Biography Channel and or A&E has done a 2 hour piece on the Walton Family. So your GREAT idea has already been done. GO FIGURE....

We are going to be doing a

Enough is enough. We are going to be doing a "spring cleaning" on the comments process starting today.


I never gave my money to the Holiday Inn before,because they always hired out of town people to build for them,so what I've been reading here, guess its going to be DITTO...

I am so confused. If these

I am so confused. If these people bought a business isn't it their right to only keep the employees they want? I've eaten there a few times and while the omelet chef was pretty cool the rest of the wait staff sucked. we have lived here 8 years and only eaten there a few times as the help is rude. don't start making excuses I'm just calling it like I saw it.
Holiday Inn is successful now and I sure it will continue to thrive.


I don't know where to start.

First of all, I am the younger brother of Aftab Khan, so I should clarify.

My parents own 4 hotels in Gillette Wyoming, one in Buffalo and now they have this property in Sheridan. We formerly lived in Sheridan as my parents formerly owned the Alamo Motel until 1993. Despite sharing the last name Khan with many families in the local area, the truth is that each family as their own approach to being involved in the community and with respect to their involvement in the region. My parents have been living in Wyoming for approximatley 40 years and have always been involved in the community and always focused on providing stable employment and they have done what they can for the community. All of my siblings and I attened school in wyoming, including the University of Wyoming and are proud to be from such a great state and community.

I know that my family appreciates and supports all local communities where they can be involved. They have supported numerous local events, activities, charties and functions. They enjoy being part of Wyoming and all the localities where they have businesses.

I understand many of the concerns that people have brought forward and I understand the concerns that were conveyed. It was never the intent nor interest of the new owners to let go of any staff members. The layoffs were the result of other aspects of the business that are not as apparent. What was not conveyed was that the franchise company, Intercontinental, has set forth a very significant remodeling that must be set forth. The hotel is in need of updating and remodeling and unfortunately this is quite expensive to the owners. As part of being the new owners, there is a very clear interest in updating all of the hotel such that it be of the highest standard. As with the nature of any business, the need to find the means to cut costs and at the same time expand capital expenditures is always an investment that must be made. Ideally, with effective changes and remodeling, updated facilities the hotel can find room for more of employees down the road. Any homeowner, business person or simply anyone who is looking to spend a significant amount of money on certain required costs do not want to have to give up certain expenses, but sometimes it does require that changes have to be made. It was the intent, interest and hope to retain all employees but the costs forecasted over the next few years were high enough that it required particular cuts. Again, this will ideally be resolved as the costs to update subside and as the business functions well. Please feel to respond and hopefully our family will its best to resolve this concerns and provide better insight as the changes are being made.


Sir, I want to apologize for the tunnel visioned, closed minded, panic and hate mongering ppl you've encountered on the site with their noses so high they can Smell the sun. Apparently, they have the same hate-filled thoughts about any person they encounter that has a family memeber that's done something unpleasant to someone and...even though the act wasn't to them and facts were never clear...gossip seems to be enough to fuel this rediculous hate filled fire. That's all I've seen in these comments for every single unpleasant occurrance reported in our community. Ppl need to GROW UP and realize that through their judging of others harshly without fact or cause, one day they themselves will be judged, by someone with whom they cannot fight the result. Your family has been here for two generations and yet they act as if you just flew in from the Middle East and have designs in world a few members of "A" family with the same last name may have jilted someone....but once again Sheridanites that DOES NOT mean that every single member of the family or even one that simply shares the name will behave in the same manner!! That rediculous thought is like saying that every single big family name from the entire community (I won't name names for libel reasons...but we all know who I mean, the ones you cannot turn around and speak to without finding out that they are related to nearly every other family in the area. Those who own businesses, own half the state, run the county, etc) it's like saying if those families had someone who, for example's sake, got a DUI or started a bar fight...then IMMEDIATELY after their arrest, EVERY SINGLE member of that "well known, well to do" family is considered a raging drunk and should be chastized and shunned. We all know that wouldn't happen so why on Earth do we treat those that we don't know in just that fashion? Really ppl, you better start taking a long look in the mirror and ask yourself "why would I treat another human being this way" and then "what would I do if someone would treat me the way I'm treating all these ppl I honestly, truly, do NOT know."
Or better yet, as we all have them..."OMG how would these ppl treat me if they knew of the skeletons in MY closet"....
Again, Mr. Khan and to your entire family, I issue an apology from every closed minded citizen. God Bless.

J. S. Luckjohn


After reading just a handful of the comments on here I am ashamed of some of my fellow Sheridan-ites. Some of these comments are hateful and full of racism. How embarassing and sad.

To the Khans: Please don't think that the majority of Sheridan shares the same views as these narrow minded people who posted such horrible things. Welcome back to Sheridan and congratulations. I wish you nothing but success.

There is no racism on here!!

There is no racism on here!! Did anyone refer once to their ethnicity.. no.. go back to school and learn a thing or two!


There were some racist

There were some racist comments submitted, but we blocked or removed them.

We LOVE Sheridan, we LOVE

We LOVE Sheridan, we LOVE Wyoming!!!


My husband works at the Holiday Inn, he had to watch as a few of his fellow employees were let go and he was spared. Why? Maybe because he's got what the new owners want. Im thankful for that. I know he felt terrible that some of his friends were let go, even lost sleep about it,he was under the impression no one would lose their jobs. I listened as my husband told me that he had to re-interview for a job he already had and how I stressed about it.
This is a business, and sacrifices must be made to make it a successful business and to keep it successful with all the new competition popping up.
I wish Mr. Kahn the best, Im glad he's bringing the hotel back up to what it should be. I hope now that he's done his evalutations and has a feel for the employees that he retains the current staff. They are all great people, I hope and pray that the terminated employees will find a job somewhere, its going to be hard considering some of them are older and will have a harder time finding employment.
I for one was shocked when I heard the news about alot of them being let go, I couldnt believe it. I felt they knew their jobs and did them to the best of their abilities, maybe that wasnt enough?

Food for Thought

E Pluribus Unum. No, it’s not a typo, it’s the Latin phrase meaning, “from” It is our nation’s motto; it says, in a nutshell, who we are as Americans and what we seek to be. We are as a nation, the totality of our differences and our strength comes from the building blocks of our nation, our people. After reading the comments posted, I am taken aback and feel the need to give a context and food for thought.

So let me tell you a story.

Decades ago, my father and mother came to the United States of America, like others to this land, as immigrants. Their English was perhaps not up to par, and they didn’t have the most common name, “Khan,” and they certainly did not have the benefit of even a high school education. They were, however, determined. When they made their first venture into the motel business, they had a small car and lived in a trailer house with their two very young baby boys. They scraped by; they worked hard and denied themselves even the most minute of pleasures...why? Because they wanted to provide for their growing family, they wanted to succeed and they believed they could do it, even when no one said they could. So they endured and began their odyssey in Sheridan, Wyoming of all places. They turned their first motel, the Alamo Court into the Alamo Motel. It still stands today on Main Street.

But more personally, they worked harder than anyone I know. My father would stay up nights and kept his small motel open for the latest of guests. He denied himself his own bed and slept on the floor next to the office, somehow believing that he if stayed there, he could ensure himself another room. My mom dutifully began her day, everyday, cleaning the rooms. Her only breaks came when she had to return to the small adjoining home to feed her one baby son and while she kept her other toddler tow and mesmerized him with “The Price is Right” and daytime soaps while she would clean each room to shine.

The family grew, but for my parents, so too was the need to provide for them. Of course, this was a family business in every sense of the word. I along with my older brother began helping our mom as children. We threw out the garbage, placed fresh towels, dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned the glasses, while my mom scrubbed the bathroom and my father, the beds. This is how I spent my summer mornings for years. Of course, we were expected to attend to our studies, but we watched The Dukes of Hazzard, the Saturday cartoons, and ET in the theater like every other kid of our time. We knew the Pledge of Alliegence and watched our beloved Denver Broncos. And because my father was a news junkie, as kids we knew more about a Reagan-Gorbechev summit, than any eight year olds around.

My family decided to take another risk, they saw a promising motel in Worland, Wyoming and eventually would leave Sheridan. Even though some of the town residents whispered under their breath about our names and backgrounds and even suggested we were drug dealers, we arrived, turned the business around, brought jobs to the community by nearly doubling the size of the hotel and even added a franchise. My parents’ ambition next went to building an entirely new hotel. But all this time, they maintained their time-honored tradition of denying themselves the barest of comforts so their business could succeed. Their determination was unparalleled as they worked days and nights, but this time with a much larger hotel. At same time, through either their example or insistence on success, they children also succeed. Their children were swimmers and football players. They were members of the National Honor Society and class presidents. They were nationally recognized debaters and shook hands with the President as part of Boys Nation. And most importantly to their parents, --who were admittedly, “uneducated” immigrants from a small village in Pakistan-- all five of their children graduated with college degrees and beyond. Today, their children work in the hospitality field, financial institutions, and disreputable places like the American Red Cross and Stanford Law School.

Rather than rest on their laurels, however, my family left Worland to Gillette and armed with an equally determined eldest son (who was once the toddler kept in tow), they took on the challenge of the Best Western Tower West, almost 200 rooms, a convention center, a lounge and restaurant. They turned around what everyone agreed was a hotel in decay, pouring in millions of dollars--dollars they worked so very hard for. Within ten years, they would build four more hotels in Northeast Wyoming along with a water park. They added scores of jobs in the process and invested in their communities, raising property values, which helped build schools and gave their residents something new to be proud of in their hometowns.

Now, there is uproar because they have returned “home” to Sheridan, and what do they find? Consternation. Angst. Accusations of racism and, worse, not so thinly veiled references to terrorism. There is much in these threads about others who share the same surname. I want to be clear, they are not the same family. They are not the family who has landed in the Sheridan papers with such notoriety, if fact, they left to avoid it. They have never gouged a customer and they always treated people with respect. But perhaps more importantly, they should not be charged, tried and convicted through guilt by association.

As to the issue of about their decision to let go a fraction of Holiday Inn employees (and the accusation posed by one that it was somehow evil), let me remind you America is built on innovation and it stagnates when it is stopped from changing. And while it is sometimes unfortunate and painful, change is often inevitable when it concerns American enterprise. I wonder aloud if the reaction had been the same if the decision came from Wal Mart or McDonald’s, but then again, would their be a Wal Mart, a McDonald’s or even a Google or Apple, if they were told they could not change and only the status quo would do.

I always believed in that most American of ideas, that one should be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin or what name they possessed. So, I invite you come in one our hotels, restaurants, lounges or our water park. See what were are doing and what we hope to accomplish.

nobody on here judged by

nobody on here judged by color of this skin.. They judged by the stupid actions he has pulled since he moved to town!! Oh great writing by they way.. where did you copy this from?


Sir, I grew up in the

Sir, I grew up in the Sheridan area. Dayton to be exact and I am not familiar with the Khan family, but I heard quite a bit about the family both good and bad. Your commentary, sincere and heartfelt has strengthened my belief in America just a bit more. Where a family can come and make a living with relatively nothing. I actually printed this out and will be handing it out to the high school government class that I teach tomorrow.

Thanks and I hope everyone else takes a little time to read this story and think about your ancestors.

Baffled and bewildered

Bravo to the Khan Family. I am absolutely ashamed (but not shocked) that anyone would have gall to criticize these people. After reading the story about the history of the Khan family in Wyoming, I have a few comments. Being a small business owner, building something from nothing. I can definately relate to the tireless effort and sacrifice that these people have endured. There are 2 ways to start a business. Have a large amount of capitol to begin with, or do exactly what the Khans' have done through their lives. The fact is that there are very few people in our society who are willing to sacrifice everything, work endless hours, and refuse to say "DIE". I can absolutely testify to just how difficult this is most of the time. It means 1. unimaginable sacrifice 2. Going/doing when physically, mentally, takes everything. 3. Elevating above the naysayers (those who are too lazy or spiteful to ever be successful themselves). 4. Staying focused on the goal of succeeding. Knowing that the end result is a better life for our children and their children and their children. As I have been on this journey for 5 years, I recognize that only a handful of people have what it takes to make this happen.

It just came to mind that somewhere along the lines (I don't know the history), someone in the Scott family also persued this very difficult course. One of them started with nothing.........had a dream......refused to quit....and was willing to sacrifice all to succeed. Well, anyone who has been in Sheridan very long knows that from that one person, many have benefited.

It is incredibly apparent in our society that we love to see people fail, and want to ridicule those who have finally made it. It is unnerving that our society would rather see someone on their face in the mud, than standing tall and proud and successful. That is a sad commentary on the human condition in this country. People, most have no idea what it has taken for the Khans' to get to the place where they could even make an aquisition like the Holiday Inn property. I can tell you that even the words of Mr. Khan do not approach the REAL AND ACTUAL efforts it too to reach this point.

From my perspective, if more people were as committed, dedicated, and driven to succeed....we would see a much different world around us. Actually, it is the exact opposite. I will preface my next comment by saying that there are many who are success driven people. There are many who work hard every day, and give their employer an excellent effort. However, by and large, the bulk of the work force do as little as they can get away with; without getting fired. Talk on cell phones, talk, sit around, waste time.....not part of the job description. Again, the economic picture would look very different if the majority gave their employer the dedication and effort that they should. Most employees have no idea what it costs the employer; beyond the cost of wages. Frankly, they are cheating and being dishonest. Sorry for the side track...but it is true and needs to be said.

I will close by saying again BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!!!! I personally commend these people. I honor their work ethic and drive. Wow, the success they have achieved is only a dream for me. But, we posess the same drive and determination. I would like to encourage people to welcome the Khans back to Sheridan. Rather than bashing and trying to bring them down, help them to be successful. In the end it helps many others to be successful too. I understand the need to control overhead. It is certainly unfortunate that some would lose their jobs, my empathy and prayers go out to them. I think people often fail to realize that the success of their employer helps to ensure their continued employment. If people showed up for work with that idea daily...then we would all be much better off. So, to those who will go today and waste the time and money of their employer...shame on you. If your employer has to close the doors not complain, you are partially responsible for their failure. To those who go daily to their jobs with the intent to give their employer 100%+ hat is off to you. You are indeed an elite few in the current workforce. Great luck and continued success to the Khan Family!!!!!!!

Xtreme Tim

What Really Happened.

It's pretty simple. When a company is sold EVERYONE is terminated by the old company. Sugarland Enterprises terminated EVERYONE!!! That was done by them alone!! Aftab didn't fire ANYONE. He hired a crew out of the applications and interviewed most of the staff. Maybe some of you should shift the blame to Sugarland Enterprises. They are the ones who caused the termination and non-hiring of some of the old staff.

I was HIRED by the new company. I was not RE-HIRED. I never worked for this company before. Aftab didn't fire anybody. He hired people period. The blame is going to the wrong company.

I'm sure you would be

I'm sure you would be thinking differently if you were without your job.



Well said.

Very good point!


Some of you people are absoultely ridiculous. I have worked for the Khans for about 3 years now. I've worked for Aftab, and also another part of the family. These peoples main goal is to make sure that their businesses are running up to standards. And if that means they had to let some people go to make sure that their new property was what it needed to be, then so be it. They're doing a great job, and keeping their businesses running. And that's all that should matter. To those of you that lost your jobs at the Holiday Inn, I'm sure there was reason behind it. Good reason too. I mean really, are you just going to continue to bash on the Khan family because you were not legit enough to do your job the correct way? Don't you people that got canned have better things to do then sit on here and bash them? Like, oh, I dunno. Look for new jobs or something.

Yet again people never cease to amaze me...

I find it really funny that all of the comments degrading the Khan's are all anonymous. If you have something to say and you mean it and there is proof behind it rather than B.S. pulled out of your rear-end, fess up to it and say who you are instead of being spineless, jealous, predjudice people. Although I find the jelousy rather amusing...keep em coming for the entertainment of others hahahaha. I'm sure lots of people are getting good laughs out of what you have to say. Oh and while you are at it, maybe you should make sure you have the right word usage and maybe use a program with spell check before you post comments!! ;)

Never put all your eggs in

Never put all your eggs in one basket


I don't understand what that does that apply?

you had a certain number of

you had a certain number of "eggs", it would be safest to put those eggs in different "baskets" and not "put them all in one basket". You don't want to risk losing them all.

At least they have "eggs" to

At least they have "eggs" to begin with, what do you have?

Personally, I know two of

Personally, I know two of the Khan family members and from what I've seen they are honest and hard working folk.

I don't see what the issue is here, they are the new owners and can and should operate the establishment as they see fit.

If the employees were terminated without due cause that's between them and their local Ombudsman. Speculation as to the grounds of their termination is useless.

As per the new management's post, they will expand the hotel, effectively creating new jobs and helping the local economy. If you guys seem to care so much about your town then how is this a bad thing?

I haven't been to Sheridan, WY but one this is for sure, I will be staying at one of the Khan's Hotels.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Wow, Khans feel accomplished

Wow, Khans feel accomplished you are considered CELEBRITYS in Sheridans Eyes, they know everything about you, and they gossip, you know when you made it big when you name is a household conversation.

Holiday Inn

I know many of the people who were let go and for that I am sorry. As a business owner I have had to make similar choices. To Mr Khan, I wish you all the best.

I do want to point something out. Yes the Holiday Inn is probably the nicest hotel in Sheridan. But if anyone has done any traveling they would know that the Holiday Inn here is old and rundown. Mr Khan you have your work cut out for you.

The point is The Scotts never reinvested money into any of the properties thay have, because of the Powder Horn money pit! In the last few year this towns beloved Scott family has sold the Sugarland Board Walk(Albertson's) building now the Holiday Inn and their Bank ( First Interstate Bank) is about to go public. Do you think that Sheridan's Big Fish in a small town family has depleated their funds on a golf course and a $2million name sake football field. As if teachers could have used a raise. They seem to be dumping assets fast. Assets that they have owned for decades. Assets that have been falling apart for decades, because they never reinvest in them.

I think this town will be proud of what the Khan's do to the Holiday Inn. And no one should blame prior management for the Holiday Inn's decline. If the owners suck it dry then management has nothing to work with. Blame the Scott family!

Good luck Mr. Khan I look forward to having the opportunity to do business with you.

As for the rest of you leaving negative comments, educate yourself before you speak.

khan family

i grew up with several members of the khan family and if i may put my 2 cents in when i come home to visit sheridan i WILL stay in one of their hotels.

If you not going to post your name, your opinion dosen't matter

Many people share the same last name, that dosen't mean they all behave the same. When people say things like that all it makes you sound like is an idiot. The Kahn's I know in Sheridan are wonderful people who work hard and have built wonderful businesses in Sheridan that provide jobs for MANY. The economy is bad everywhere and people are getting laid off from many jobs, not just employees of HI.

To the write who said homeland security should become involved, SHAME ON YOU!!! This is the most closeminded comment I have seen on this comment page and is totally unfounded.


The Khans give this community over 200 jobs and have invested in this town to help the economy. There may be a perception that the Khans just own little hotels and bling'n cars but again like Aftab had said don't confuse these Khans with the Roadway Inn owners and the Holiday Lodge. The Khans are very successful WHY? Because the fact they run legit businesses and run them very well. And there was a comment on here about calling Homeland Security I believe something is seriously wrong with you the Khans are American at least 90 percent of the successful ones are born and raised in America. With out the Khans Gillette, Sheridan, and Buffalo may not have been as developed as it is. They pay a lot of money in taxes that build our roads, give us great security, and give us jobs. Get over the jealousy and look at their example, I am a good friend with a few of them and I know their story their parents came here with nothing in their pockets and worked all their lives to be were there at. You guys should be happy you have people like them in town.



True Feelings

I am writing this because I am sick off all the deceit being spread around about the sale of the Holiday Inn. With all arguments, there are at least 2 sides and in this instance the numbers could roll up in the hundreds. I am not entirely motivated by my loss of employment, I am writing this for being lied to and having to witness 12 of my close friends, and their families, suffer from fear and disrespect. Mr. Kahn, through emails and letters convinced the previous owners that they were going to retain the exsisting staff and that they were comfortable with the staff in their current positions. In reality, on 3/25, the ink on the final contract had not the time to dry before 13 letters of rejection were delivered. These individuals all shared an inconvenience to profitability. Some of these instances involved senority-long-term employment,management,or were just old. Others have quit due to disrespect, intimidation and possibly discrimination. Anyone capable of subtraction can surmise the financial benefits of minimum wage workers as compared to those who earned, through performance evaluations, a higher wage. But does unfaltering allegiance to profits contribute to the overall well being of a business or community? Or worse yet, paying foreign workers the lowest wage allowable over paying local citizens the same wage, does this contribute to social stability? Basically, what I am saying is that anyone who has a grasp of the English language is capable of saying anything they want. It is up to the rest of us to judge the credibility of what is being said by comparing it to the reality of what is being done. The loyalty of the community was gained by the Scott Family through a strong, charitable,honest obligation to the well being of Sheridan. That is reality,and that outcome cannot ever be accomplished through deceit, intimidation or greed.


Obviously, since you are one of the people that was not re-hired. Explain something to me, don't we have a right to make our own assessment of the staff there?
In which contract did we say that we would retain ALL staff?
Who would sign a contract like that?
We certainly intended on re-hiring all staff and we interviewed most all staffmembers just last week for this purpose. In the end, some hard and sad choices were made, but in no way were they discriminatory. Intimidation----That is plain ridiculous and totally untrue. Maybe you FLUNKED the interview!! Have you thought of that.
I am paying all of the retained staff the exact same wage that they had previously. In many cases, I am expediting vacation benefits for them.
Anyway since you believe that you are a talented professional you should have no difficulty landing a new job. My suggestion is to move on and forward.
As for profitability, well I hate to break it to you, but that is the whole point about being in business, is it not?
Those profits usually do not go into my pockets, I promise you that. Usually the money goes right back into the hotel and uncle sam.
In any case I am glad that you were not re-hired. Stop with the dishonesty and comment about things that you actually know about. You are not an owner so you didn't have access to this information. So who is the one being deceitful now?

Mr Khan, I have a question

Mr Khan,

I have a question for you sir. I know people who currently work at the Holiday Inn who have stated that foreigners are being brought in to work for you. Is that true?

If true, I'm concerned why you are bringing in foreign nationals on work visas when we have people right here in Sheridan desperate for work right now.

Sir, In response to your

In response to your inquiry. We had some of our attendants from Gillette and Buffalo come to the Holiday Inn for a couple of reasons:
1. We started a deep cleaning project for the entire hotel and we needed to have some extra people to do this just for the first couple of weeks.
2. 7-8 scheduled housekeepers did not show up for work on Friday and Saturday.
3. As you will see in the Sheridan press over the next couple of days we are hiring for housekeepers. (Yesterday posted a comment about hiring new housekeepers somewhere in this forum as well).

Thank you for your reply to

Thank you for your reply to my question. I appreciate you addressing these concerns head on. Kudos.

Mr. Khan- My question in

Mr. Khan-
My question in regards to your reply is this-Why didn't you hire some local people to clean the hotel? There are people here that can deep clean. There are many people that need work here, so why bring in people from out of town to do a job that locals can do? If you want community support and money, one might use community help to gain some.

So after the deep cleaning are these people going to be retained for work here? If so, then why not hire locally?

For such an immediate task

For such an immediate task and for such quick support, you need people with proper experience and expertise who can come in immediately to conduct such work. Simply assuming there are local people needing jobs doesn't solve the problem. You need people who will work hard, do the job correctly and who will be reliable going forward. The key here is that people need to be familiar with such employees before assinging them such a task. Once the initial work is done, local people can be properly trained and placed into such positions going forward. Also, one's race or ethniciity does not define them as American's, people living in the local communities are working at the hotels and that is all that matters.

It was for the first few

It was for the first few days only, because we had an Emergency. Again we didn't know until the last second that we were going to be short 7-8 people. We were confused about the scheduled staff (all re-hired HI staff) because the former housekeeping manager was working to convince many of them not to show up for work. Indeed, many of them did not. So we had some trained people come during the transition period. Many of those temporary people have left already and more will leave as we hire local help. I am hiring locals immediately for all housekeeping duties.


Reading these comments just makes me sad, but glad at the same time - that I got out of Sheridan!

99% of the remarks on here are based on rumor and not fact. Just like most of the stories floating around Sheridan.

And surprise! It seems racism and fear-based ignorance is still alive and well in the Cowboy State.

The Khans should be investigated by Homeland Security? Are you serious, sir? Perhaps they bought a hotel that wasn't raking in the dough because it was inexpensive for that reason, and so they could turn it into a profit-making business. Should everyone who buys a rundown house and flips it be investigated too? Because they might be using it to build bombs. Or whatever your grandiose theory is.

If a white family bought that hotel, they would be wished good luck and that would be the end of it.

It is sad that some people lost their jobs. And I won't pretend to understand the methods. Although it seems one person lost their job based on a popularity contest - yet another wonderful thing about Sheridan. If you don't blend in enough, you should just move along.

How about, instead of inventing terrorist conspiracy theories, making very dull and tiresome racist remarks, and perpetuating rumors, you just let it go. If the Holiday Inn succeeds, the economy of Sheridan is bettered. And of course you rich Republicans will LOVE that!

There's my generalization for the day, just to fit in.

Kisses, Sheridanites!

I should also add...

I was once a Holiday Inn employee of two years. And the Scott's didn't treat their employees so great either!

i agree

I also worked for the holiday inn for a few years and it was an "EXPERENCE" to say the least! The customers were great in general and most of my co-workers are my dearest friends now..... but the upper management they had, the worst ive seen! They would bend rules to fit their agenda and screw u every chance they got! good luck with the new team hope they can turn it around!

Holiday Inn

First of all, I would like to thank all of the kind comments as well as the support for success in our business. My husband and I started our family in Sheridan about 40 years ago where all of our 5 children were born. We all enjoyed living in Sheridan, worked hard at our small motel the Alamo, but later better opportunities for our family moved us to Worland. We still often visited Sheridan because it was a first real home for us in America. We are happy to come back to Sheridan and help improve not only the Holiday Inn, but do whatever we can to provide support to improve Sheridan as a whole. We are looking forward to working with everyone in the community. Your thoughts of how to improve our business, not for it just to be successful, but more importantly for it to be more enjoyable and helpful to you, are more than welcome. Our hope is that you can give us the same opportunity. Our family is at home in Wyoming, where we have raised our children and worked hard to run our businesses, mainly because of the kind and welcoming people of Sheridan, Worland, Gillette, Buffalo, as well as the rest of Wyoming. The Holiday Inn and Fairfield are very exciting opportunities to us, and to run these businesses at the highest quality is our goal to keep old and new customers coming back. Every business owner agrees that is highly unfortunate when you are not able to re-hire employees who have put their time and effort into their business, yet with the current economy we must make these difficult decisions. I feel for them as well as their families, it is not easy for anyone in the situation, but my hope is for those people we could not re-hire to find new and better opportunities that will also grant their success for the future. Please feel welcome to come visit any of our businesses in Sheridan, or nearby in Gillette and Buffalo, we would be more than happy to answers any questions, take suggestions, or just for a chat. Thanks again!

Not all of us

Not all of us that were let go on Thursday are spewing hate towards the Khan famiy. Many of us are in shock over what was done. It doesn't matter if your name is Khan or Smith, you misled the sellers, managers and employees. You told us all employees were to be retained by you. I know it's your perogative as the new owner to do what you like, but lying doesn't go over well in Sheridan. We spread the pack of lies you fed us to the staff, turning us into liars.
I wish you luck Mr. Khan and hope that you take care of the staff like you told us you would. As for the rest of us in Sheridan....we are not hateful people. We should stop acting like we are. If you don't like what this man did and how he operates his business, let your dollar do the talking. Let the other fine folks in Sheridan take care of your business going forward.

Aftab Khan is a Liar!

quit lying, Aftab - you personally promised EVERY person there that they would ALL keep their jobs. You fired 17 people out of 106, that's more than ten percent. You have the right to hire or not hire whoever you choose, but you could have been honest with them, and I know for a fact that NO ONE retired. I know- I was there when it happened. As much as I will miss the staff at HI, I will never go back.

You are wrong on one count

This is where you are wrong! Yes we got lied to.. Plain and simple.. But Al Schutte did retire.. and if you really had any conversations with anyone of higher management like Mr. Schutte yourself.. You would have known that! Think before you speak! He did retire.. he just got to do so a little early.


I never lied. Our INTENT

I never lied. Our INTENT was to re-hire the entire staff, it was our GOAL and our AIM, but it was never promised.
We have a right to make our own staffing decisions, we interviewed the entire staff just last week and with a very heavy heart it was decided that some of the staff could not be re-hired. If you think it wasn't heart wrenching or sad for me you are quite wrong and many people that I work with in Gillette could see it written on my face.
I apologize for being a little indelicate in this message, but I certainly do not like being called a liar.


With the ignorant comments that I read here, it really makes me second guess our decision to raise our children in such a narrow minded, judgmental community. Grow up people!

In the scheme of things,

In the scheme of things, does it really matter that this hotel was bought or that Kahn plans to build another one? really? there are no jobs here, more people are being laid off, there is no real industry here, so build lots of hotels and hope that the interstate will sustain the buisness. 30 jobs for another hotel really isn't that much. I will give the new owners a chance, but that is all. Where I spend my money and choose to visit is solely up to me, so I hope that the experience is good. Since I live in Sheridan, I don't often stay at hotels in my hometown, maybe the food will be good and I will return again. We shall see. Many people go to Billings or Rapid City, so what does it matter about this hotel having new owners. Sorry, I don't visit Gillette so I haven't stayed at one of the owners hotels. Guess the saying time will tell is true.

After reading all the posts on here, I wish the owners luck.

There are several different

There are several different Khan families that live here and yes some are horrible people. We havn't gaven them a really chance to prove themselves. It is sad that people got fired but that is the way of the business. If their last name was different would this be that big of a deal. I hope they are much nicer then those that are here but only time will tell. Everyone should get that chance weather their name is Khan and were they came from. They have alot to prove because the family with the same name. All I can say is show us that you are not like those that already have hotels here it will be hard!

Not everyone

Not everyone that was let go on Thursday is spewing hate towards the Khans. There are a lot of us that are in just in shock over what happened. It doesn't matter if your last name is Khan or Smith, the fact is you misled people. Maybe that's your perogative as a business owner, but it doesn't go over well in Sheridan. You specifically told the sellers, managers and staff that everyone would be retained. We sold that pack of lies to the entire staff, reassuring everyone there jobs would be okay. You turned us into liars and that doesn't feel good.
I wish you luck Mr. Khan and I hope you take care of the rest of the staff like you told us you would. As for everyone else in Sheridan, we are not hateful people. We should stop acting like it. You have a choice of where you do business. If you don't like what he's done, show him with your dollars. Give other businesses in town a chance to make you happy.

new owners holiday inn

i think it is so sad. must be a real feather in their cap. start out with smaller business and work up to owning what was one of the much better motel of sheridan. one would waste their time by getting stuck on how they choose to treat employes. the money it takes to prosper and maintane does not come from within the town but from outsiders passing through. what is thought of them doesn't matter as they recurit their help from outside sources. think about it? it is too late now the damage is done? life is life and no one plays by the same rules. the only rule that stays the same is "he who has power rules". this is the way the system is set up and as long as business is run within the law then no one can stop it. who is responsible for that?? we all know the answer to that one. where does one go from here? IT'S JUST VERY SAD. HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE JUST PAWNS WE DO NOT GET PAID FOR MORALS. ME I WILL STAY WITH MORALS although when one can not pay their bills or support the family through no fault of thier own------ well like i said it is VERY SAD.

What does your post have

What does your post have anything to do with the Holiday inn?
Wo is me CRAP, stop feeling sorry for yourself, get off your butt and work at something!

oh man i know who these

oh man i know who these kahns are they are the ones in the original kahn fued now they are back let the drama begin

No such thing as a Khan "fued"

There is no Khan fued.
just another stereotypical comment.


First and Foremost the Khans that bought the Holiday Inn in Sheridan have every right to hire and fire whom ever they chose, they are as SUCCESFUL as they are because they made GREAT business decisions in thier lives, and any one that has been in management understands that when you take over previous staff still is under previous managers rules and regulations, have you ever heard the saying you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Same goes for running a place can't teach old employees new rules, so therefore cut your losses before they get to great.
And for the PEOPLE who made comments about the MOTEL 6 Owners, I really feel for you, Mumtaz Khan and Amina Khan the ones that own Quality Inn, Motel 6 and Hampton Inn are GREAT people and VERY succesful Business owners, I am not saying this just because I am there daughter I am saying this because I have done business with them in the past, and with people around the Sheridan community that know them, and with in the Business community they have a great reputation. The people that are critisizing them, are proably people that were let go, or lets face it, proably racist. There would be no other reasons to target people you do not know. The people that made comments about the rates, I would urge you to go back to school and learn about Supply and Demand, and come back to this page and make a more educated comment.
With the foriegn employees, two years ago when Sheridan, and Gillette were Booming and the majority of people are job hopping, looking for the job that pays the best, leaving thier previous employer hanging, ALOT of Business owners had no other choice, but to bring in Foriegn workers to keep thier establishment running, now there are limited jobs available the "job hoppers" want the jobs the foriegn workers have worked for years.
The KHANS are great people not just certain ones, ALL OF THEM ARE. I am sorry for any one that has had a bad experiance with a Khan, but do not hold the rest accountable for one persons actions.

Gillette Khan or Sheridan

Gillette Khan or Sheridan Khan, what's the difference?? I have yet to meet a Khan who didn't have their nose in the air! Just because you have money and a well-known name doesn't mean you walk on water, but thats how they all percieve themselves. Show me one who does something other than build MORE hotels and show off their flashy cars and then I might change my mind.

SK- your comment sounds more

SK- your comment sounds more like jealosy than anything else. People that are successful are always hated by the immature people who aren't doing as good it their own lives.

Pretty narrow minded

Pretty narrow minded statement... lumping people together just because they happen to have the same last name...

Just a question

Mr. Kahn, aren't you the same people that used to own the Alamo Motel???

The Khans that own the Alamo

The Khans that own the Alamo are not related to the other Khans in town.

Yes sir

Yes sir, my father bought it in 1975 and sold it in 1993.


Mr. Aftab Khan welcome back to the community of Sheridan and I hope you have great success with the Holiday Inn.

As for the "khan" who posted that you are not related to the others, I am very pleased to hear this because the real Khans own the bigger nicer hotels and not the dingy ones, Thanks for clearing that up :)

I am glad Sugarland is out of there.........

To be honest I was hoping it would be sold. Sugarland was doing a terrible job with that hotel.
They were putting money in that black hole called the powder horn and they were sucking this hotel dry.
Sugarland treats people like family?
Didn't they lay off a bunch of people just last fall?
I am sure these new owners will turn it around and make it nice again. People around town need to lay off and let these new owners have a chance to improve the place.
Its embarrasing to me that people in our community welcome new residents like this.
I am sure that the new ownership will spend a ton of money in Sheridan and now they are investors in our town so we should be proud and happy for them.
God bless!

Isn't it funny how people

Isn't it funny how people would rag on the Scott family when they owned the Holiday Inn and now these same spineless "anonymous" people are talking about how everyone had wonderful jobs under the Scotts, and now the Khans are the evil ones. Some people will just complain about everything no matter what.

Im w you Steve. Some people

Im w you Steve. Some people will complain just to complain. Its business people, there are lay offs everywhere! Its sad and all but sometimes a new owner has to go in and clean house. Sometimes things dont seem fair in business but sometimes you have to do things to help the business thrive.

Lies of Holiday Inn new owners

We were all told that no one at the Holiday Inn would lose there job. Our jobs were secure. That was obviously a lie. Since then they have been spurting all sorts of other lies about some of the employees they let go. People talk and I heard that one person was let go because the former general manager, who they also let go, said he wanted her fired. You`d think if he wanted her fired he would have done so himself. I doubt he would have approved the raise she got not too long ago either. They are full of lies and that`s ok because their lies will catch up to them someday. Ever hear of karma.

i am an employee at the

i am an employee at the holiday inn and although it is sad to watch good people be let go maybe it was for the best. i have faith in the new owners and see a very bright future for the holiday inn. just because you hear things about the new owners dosent mean their true. for exmpl do you believe everything that you see on tv or read on the internet? i have had the chance to meet with the new owners and they are great people who want to treat the employees with respect. they want to know what we need which is alot of things everyday somethings breaks or we dont have enough of one thing so we have to borrow or take from other departments when they need it just as much as we do. the first thing that the new owners wanted to know is what we needed to beable to do our jobs correctly. and what kind of supplies and stuff thatt we needed. and its something that the old mgmt and owner couldnt get for us is new things. so yes it is good to have some change at the holidayinn and it will be much more enjoyable for staff as well as guests.

Motel 6 in Sheridan

I have never seen another Motel 6 in the country that charges over $100 a night for their rooms during tourist season. On Bike Week, the rates go over $150 a night!

Name one hotel near Sturgis

Name one hotel near Sturgis that doesn't have higher rates around rally week.

That is because it is in

That is because it is in Sturgis! Not Sheridan WYOMING!

Honestly you must not be

Honestly you must not be well traveled, look at any college campus with a decent sports team. Any university with a decent football team and you will be looking at every hotel being full and all over 100 a night, including motel 6. That is once a week, and also graduation weekend the rates are often tripled, I appreciate your input but next time you make an RJones type comment think before you hit "Post"

What does Motel 6 have to with this?

Motel 6????? What is the revelance to the Holiday Inn?
Please refer to the list of hotels we operate.
We do not own a Motel 6 and never have.

Years ago I used to stay at

Years ago I used to stay at ahotel in Gillette for work trips. During the week before Sturgis, the rates went way up because it was the biker rally. I never have returned to that hotel and they lost all kinds of business from the company I work for. I suppose this did not matter to the hotel. Is this your hotel that raised rates around Sturgis without regard to who your clients are or whether they return during down times?

You must be joking

Don't nearly ALL hotels have higher rates during weekends, summer and any other high traffic times?


Yes they do steve i have worked in motels in the summer the rates are higher and during bike week

Probably true, but when you

Probably true, but when you are a loyal continually returning customer that also uses the hotel during low traffic times, it is annoying to get stuck with higher rates due to a bike rally that takes place far away from the hotel. From my perspective it was fine, since it is their hotel that they can do what they want with. However, the result of this policy is that they no longer get revenue from me or my co-workers staying there (many years of lost revenue now). Not that this probably mattered during the recent boom, but times are changing and loyal customers may become important to hotels in the Gillette area again.

You people amaze me

The level of judgement and hatred in this community is revolting. It's a shame that such a beautiful place is filled with so many ugly people.

For crying out loud!

Somebody buys an existing business, several employees lose their jobs, so what? The new business owner has every right to run their business as they see fit! If you wanted to insure that all of the existing employees kept their jobs, why didn't you buy that business? How the Kahn's, or anyone else, run their business IS their business! I seem to recall awhile back a bunch of people bitching about the Holiday Inn several months back. Now it is under new management and people are still bitching. Maybe the root of all this is not the Kahn's, not the Holiday Inn, but rather that some people are just chronic bitchers!

...and they are apparently

...and they are apparently all named "anonymous."


I'm not one of the "haters" here, but I post as "Anonymous" any time I post on this site. Why? Well, I'd hate to see my husband's job impacted, or my childrens school impacted due to my opinions. Lately, I suppose I also feel safer that way. Being one of those "tree huggin' liberals"...


While I am not one of those "tree huggin liberals", only just kind of one, ;-) I agree with every word you wrote. Kind of a sad state of affairs, isn't it?
But rest assured, it isn't just in Sheridan.

Indeed it is. While I agree

Indeed it is. While I agree that if we were required to use our actual full name people may take a bit more time to think and not just spew forth whatever thought they have. I know that would be easy enough to get around. I've seen people complain about anonymous posts who are themselves using pseudonyms.
So from here on out, I will be know as Anonymoose.


I am of the opinion that if

I am of the opinion that if you can't put your name with your statement you probably shouldn't be making that statement.

I think we should disallow anonymous posts because it would result in far less ignorant, slanderous, bigoted, hateful, dishonest statements. People tend to be a lot more considerate, polite and honest when they are held responsible for what comes out of their mouths.

I am..

Then remove that option.
Frankly,I am of the opinion that if everyone was required to put their names on their posts, the number of statements would immediately dwindle.

Funny, I was just adding

Funny, I was just adding that thought to my post as you were writing yours. I agree with you completely.

I would like to see some

I would like to see some action done regarding this instead of just talk. Take some ownership in your website Sheridan Media, don't just leave it to the dogs. Hopefully it can go back to the way it was before every comment was moderated,by having every person require a name and registration. The simple act of registering will deter dozens of armchair politicians and lawyers.

We will be discussing that

If it were entirely up to me we would not have switched from the "registered users only" method. However, other people involved in the operation of this site wanted a more proactive way of moderating the comments so we went with an approval queue instead. One of the side effects of this method is that people no longer need to register an account to post a comment, and it appears to me that this ability is being abused. I will be bringing this up for discussion in a department meeting today.


Congratulations on getting it changed, Steve. Now maybe, with their names online to be recognized, ppl will be a little more candid and yet responsible with their comments without having anonymity to fall back on.

J. S. Luckjohn

Thanks... we'll see how this

Thanks... we'll see how this goes.

Logging in

I am happy to see that people have to be accountable now with what they say - it was getting pretty awful!


Thanks. Hopefully this will

Thanks. Hopefully this will improve the atmosphere here.

But isnt it still kind of

But isnt it still kind of anonymous? I mean, mine says Rhonda, but that could be a totally fake name.
Sorry, I am slow...teach me. LOL.


People with fake names will more then likely keep on posting comments that are also fake and negative.

Those who seek to deceive and lead astray will continue to be that way online and in life.

I think the bottom line is: Be responsible with your words.

I am pretty sure from this point on if your posts are that of an idiot it will not be allowed. There is room for hope.

That's true, but at least it

That's true, but at least it ties your statements to your particular account rather than being lumped into a large group of completely anonymous posts. The idea is not so much to expose someone's identity as it is to create some form of ownership and accountability for things they post on our site. That said, I don't think someone should publicly criticize another individual by name without also showing their true identity. As I said in a previous post, if you don't want to be associated with your statement, you probably shouldn't be making that statement.


Thanks for making that statement, Steve!

Am I glad I read this one...

Thank you for the switching comment. I thought I was only imagining that it used to be registered only. Is this why I can't find a way to change my user account name from initials to a full name?

It's possible, but I think

It's possible, but I think that changing the account name is only allowed by site administrators. Send an email to with the changes you want and we'll update your account.

HI, also, I noticed lots of

HI, also, I noticed lots of cuss words in this feed. Is that new? It's okay now???

Of course I found it pretty

Of course I found it pretty ironic that when complaining about foul language in the posts you yourself posted those same words.

Are you serious right now!?

Are you serious right now!? I only did that to show you the posts, and was sure you would not post my posts with the language.
Jeeze Steve, talk about arguing for the sake of arguing. Next time I will just report them.

No, I thought it was funny

No, I thought it was funny because of what happened today. Instead of flagging the posts, you made your own posts containing the same offensive words. I thought I had deleted your posts in the process of deleting the ones you referenced, but accidentally approved one of them. Then, someone else flagged your post because it contained inappropriate language!


I get it now.

That is not OK. If we catch

That is not OK. If we catch foul language in a comment it is not posted.

While I understand and

While I understand and accept your points regarding anonymous posts you should also remember that people's jobs and personal safety could be at risk for voicing their opinions. I can see the ignorant comments for what they are and ignore them. I believe you have a more truthful discourse and better participation with anonymity.

Job and safety

Now people will have to moderate themselves before they post a comment. If you do have a job and fear for your safety you better be able to back up what you say or dont post.

Part of being free is that there could be a chance that someone will not like what you have to say and cause you harm. Now the participation will be a little more serious.

Truthful discourse is a oxymoron. When truth is put to the test is will bring people together, not seperate them. This is my point of view because I associate truth with God. To me they are the same. Be gone with the rhetoric and propaganda. Stand by your words or sit down and shut your pie hole.


We also have rumors and

We also have rumors and complete falsities being posted as fact because nobody is accountable for what they put on the site.


So do it. You cant post a comment without an email address, make it so you cant post a comment without a name and an email address. You will have to verify email,etc and it would be time consuming and it would cost money. Time=Money. Or moderate the site under stricter rules.

For the common poster it would be a pain to set up a psuedo email just for the purpose of posting comments on Sheridan Media public forum.

Or just keep things going as usual and let each person read and respond to posts that are sound. Some of these comments remind of bad porn or some type of B-flick.

Damian Trujillo


Someone is already spending a great deal of time moderating these posts.

There are a couple of us who

There are a couple of us who go through the queue so the work gets split up. I wouldn't say it requires a great deal of time. Stricter moderation would require more time, but we currently approve nearly everything that gets submitted. Most of the rejected posts are either spam or duplicates due to someone resubmitting a comment before the queue is cleared.

kind of the same issue

It seems that we have the same issue at play, so it is appropriate that these comments are here. Sheridan Media can run this site how they see fit and the Khans can run their hotel how they see fit. Thankfully the Khans kept about 90% of staff and thankfully Sheridan Media hasn't let this 'go to the dogs' and turn into a 'free-for-all'.

This is sick.

Let me start by saying that I find it very sad that some of these people were let go. I worked at the Holiday Inn for 6 years before I left about 6 months ago. Most of the people that were not re-hired I would consider friends. That being said, this is normal business. I find it sick that so many of you think the worst of the situation strictly because of the owners' last name. Let's just say it, most of you hate the Khans because they are successful Arabs. It may not have been directly said here, but I've lived in this town long enough to know the general attitude towards the Khans. Wal-Mart has ruined local businesses all over our country, (to a much larger degree then all the Khans combined) but we all still go there to shop. Thank God that Wal-Mart is run by a blue-blooded American.

The Khan family (most of

The Khan family (most of them) are very unfriendly people. I am so surprised that they can even be successful in the hotel business. I hope that the appearance of the Holiday Inn stays the same and they don't turn it into a gold-blingy-cheap-cheesey looking place. For the people that were let go, I feel sad for. However, they are probably better off not working in the environment the Khan's provide. For the people that still work there, keep chugging along, you all so such a great job and are always so nice when I go there. Good luck to you all!

How can they be friendly

How can they be friendly when there are so many jerks in this town...? I have never been in a town that is so unwelcoming!


If you gave the khans a chance you would find them very sweet people all they want is to run their business ask any of them when they had a day off that was not work related or when they took a family vacation Ive met them and all of them are very nice they are very welcoming. But I have seen everyone comments about them really who is the one that is not nice.....


I have lived here since the ealy 70's I 'll tell you what unless you have the money or you have the ancient family name forget you are not welcome here and god help you if you are a different race religion or color this town is such a beutiful town with too many ugly people with bad attitudes I say good luck to the kahns and what ever else they may buy unless the people out there want to clean the toilets put up with people that has destroyed the rooms or has just had there senior party or bachelors party in there how long would you stick around GOOD LUCK to the kahns

please do not confuse us with other hotel owners in town

Please do not confuse the Rodeway inn or Holiday lodge with the hotels we own and operate. We have built 4 new properties in the Gillette/Buffalo area in the past 6 years please go in and take a look at them. They are the Fairfield Inn, Country Inn and Comfort Inn in Gillette as well as the Holiday Inn in Buffalo. They are all brand new, state of the art hotels. Please walk into them and look at them or look them up online. We have a great plan to upgrade the Holiday Inn, it will be stylish, upscale and very clean. I will work my hardest to make Sheridan proud.
Again please stop confusing my parents and I with other Khan hotel owners.
We do not run "gold blingy, cheap hotels". Holiday Inn just doesn't hand out franchises to anyone.
Look at the websites of OUR hotels and then we can talk.
If anyone has questions please stop by and meet me at the front desk and I will be glad to answer your questions.
We are also building the Fairfield Inn in town. That's a Marriott branded hotel---top of the line.
By the way call our hotels in Gillette and ask the staff about how we treat them. We have always treated our staff like family and we maintain a positive work environment for all staffmembers.

Well wishes for new owners of Holiday Inn

I wish you well on your new business acquisition and look forward to seeing any improvements to the facility.

People should not judge a person by their last name

I had the pleasure of renting a house from Iftakar Khan. He was always friendly and helpful. Not all the Khans are rude or provide ill work enviorments. Iftakar spoke highly of the pride that Aftab Khan puts into his properties and I don't feel that we will be disappointed. So Sheridan, please to be so quick to judge.

lots of speculation

There's a lot of speculation as to why certain people were hired and others were let go. I don't think we'll ever know for sure what this man was thinking. It's interesting that so many of those that were let go were a little higher on the age scale than those that are still there. I wonder how old the replacement workers are that were hired today. How old is too old to work at the Holiday Inn?

False rumors

Again some of the people that were working at the hotel had decided to retire weeks back. This was not our decision. Some of the managers were not re-hired because we already have people working in our company to handle those tasks.
There needs to be a realization that 90% of the original staff is still working here (and we should all support them!) and we are eager to hire in the future. We want to invest in Sheridan and build a new hotel to create more permanent jobs for the area.
Our goal is upgrade and refurbish the hotel and I think most all of the community will be excited to see the results. We will always work to provide great customer service for all.
Of course, the last couple of days have been hard on us as well. We are saddened by the fact that certain individuals just could not be re-hired.

This town needs a lesson in decency!!

I have lived here 63 years and I just can't believe how people have become so mean and narrow minded lately. This is not the Sheridan I grew up in.
These new hotel owners like Sheridan enough to invest millions of dollars here and they want to fix the place and people around here are making stupid and ignorant comments about them. You don't even know them!
I am sad today about my fellow townspeople, I am embarrased as well. We should never welcome people to our town in that way. I can't believe so many people in this town can act this way. Its rude and very ignorant---Shame on those people who make these negative comments.
Mr. Khan and family, you are welcome to our beautiful town and good luck!

All personal feelings aside...

anyone who accepts the risk of owning and running their own business has the right to do whatever is necessary to match their business plan - and if we don't care for their business plan, we as consumers can take our business elsewhere.

Just a thought about the age comment...yes, more mature employess may have been let go but perhaps its not their age that was a contributing factor but their salaries. As a more experienced worker, their salaries were typically higher than less experienced, younger individuals.

It's very sad what happened

It's very sad what happened at the hotel. No one saw this coming and was very unexpected amongst all employees and managers. There was a great team that worked there. We were 1 big family, and to have some one come in and tear are family appart is tragic. It won't ever be the same again.

Stop with this anonymous crap!

If you want to make a point stop hiding behind the "anonymous" label!!!!!!!!!!

Local People Know The Khan's

They own other hotels in town. Most businesses in town know how they deal. Talk to the other construction crews or labor crews in town. The Khan's run businesses in a dirty way.

If the job was done

If the job was done correctly I am sure a khan would pay them. No KHAN wants to screw another out of money because they know how hard it is to earn the money, if you know any thing about the khans you know they started out washing dishes and bagging groceries and did this for many years. If there was a reason you were not paid I am sure it was legit on the kahns part. If bills were not paid I am sure they would not have the businesses they have today, i am sure the courts, and banks would have stepped in by now.

Thank You

Thank You for posting that, I couldn't agree more. Although they aren't the same people, I do believe that they are related. They will most likely have troubel getting anyone in town to work for them seeing as how their relatives have skrewed many of the businesses in town already.

Ownership of Holiday Inn

The new ownership is NOT affiliated with the "other" khans in town.
So stop with the stereotypes. This is not fair at all.
Just because your name is Smith doesn't mean you are related to all Smiths.

I know the new owners from my dealings in Gillette and they are good honest businesspeople.
They run very nice, well kept hotels.
So stop with the insults. How many times have people been laid off around for no reason? Go fight with the Methane/Oil companies---How many people did they lay off?
This is part of business. Just because someone worked at a place for 25 years doesn't mean they should always have a job. Anyway my understanding is that 90% of the people were hired again.

new ownership

That is wonderful that they hired back 90% of the Holiday Inn crew, but it's probably at a fraction of what they made under Homer Scott.

....your basis for that

....your basis for that speculation would be....

Check your spelling please.

I believe the Khan's you are referring to are not the Kahn's that bought the Holiday Inn.. not even related. I understand they are quite successful and well liked in Gillette. Maybe a better question to ask would be why didn't the previous owner negotiate atleast 6 months for these people when they sold it. That can and is done with some sales. If it were a profitable property why did it sell? I would venture a GUESS the management that was let go might not have been putting money on the books. Their restaurant and bar have been suffering for a years.. what was the management doing about it? Nothing I saw.

And as a former Manager at this property I found it demeaning the front line staff was referred to as "line levels"... kept at around or under 32 hours a week to keep them from being full time and therefore eligible for benefits. Add to that the MAXIMUM 4% pay increases allowed per year and it didn't add up to caring about your staff. And no I was not ever fired or let go... I resigned.

It's a business.. it must be profitable.. I saw Good Luck to the new owners and Welcome to Sheridan!!

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