Sheridan Forms Band of Facebook Angels

(Sheridan Angels logo taken from Facebook)
(Sheridan Angels logo taken from Facebook)

The Sheridan community is getting a little bit closer, thanks to online social media. The Facebook page, Sheridan Angels, was started by Kelley Mason, a single mom of five and full-time college student. As the survivor of domestic abuse, Kelley had to start over with a new lease on life, and she decided to bring others with her along the way.

Mason moderates the Sheridan Angels page, where people can ask for help when they've exhausted other options, or they can let others know what they have to offer. She said the response has been huge.

Mason often acts as a moderator to help facilitate people within the community to help each other and sometimes fields requests to determine if there is a real need for help. She also sometimes acts as a middleman between a giver and a recipient, and emphasizes safety to those who participate. Her active involvement in the group has helped it gain a good reputation around town.

Mason said the success of her Facebook group has her ready to start a non-profit organization in the coming months. From there, she wants to have bigger community drives, like to provide school supplies to children in the fall.

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