Sheridan Firefighter Arrested For Delivery Of A Controlled Substance

Officials with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation have arrested 30-year-old Andrew Joy of Sheridan for Delivery of a Controlled Substance, believed to be hydrocodone. Joy is a firefighter with Sheridan Fire Rescue. The arrest was made Thursday and no further details of the incident have been released by DCI at this time, as the investigation is ongoing. Joy is being held at the Sheridan County Detention Center pending his initial hearing. Sheridan County Attorney Matt Redle said that the initial hearing will take place sometime Monday, February 8th.

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I'm curious about why so many of you are posting anonymous comments, especially the ones that are so critical of an incredible group of professionals. Seems a little cowardly to me. A good rule of thumb here...if you aren't capable or big enough to stand by your words, then keep them to yourself. Don't condemn the department for what could end up being no more than a poor choice by one individual.
And to him (and his family), there are people in this world who are offering their support and prayers. Just ignore the cowards and gossip-mongers...

I think people would be

I think people would be utterly shocked if they knew how many professional people in this town do or sell drugs, what is the city supposed to do? Make everyone they hire take a lie detector test and ask them "will you ever sell drugs because we only hire 100% perfect people" come on everyone... dont place the blame with the city of sheridan, it was his own decision and his own actions.

Keep your heads up

As a former employee for Sheridan Fire Rescue, I would like to say that the citizens of Sheridan should be thankful for the great men and women that serve your community. Through the hard times and political bs, they have come to work everyday as professionals and try to make the community a safer place, providing the best care possible. People in every profession, regardless of their social status or how society percieves they should live their lives, make mistakes. Lets not judge a whole department, or a great group if individuals for one person's mistakes. So for all of SFR, keeps your heads up, and keep doing a great job.

Darin Pepple


this makes me laugh because all of you nieve people need to realize that he is NOT a drug addict, and he is doing the EXACT same thing as most ofthis town is doing, he just happened to get caught. and its coming down on him harder because of his profession but have any of you ever realized that nobodys perfect and everyone makes mistakes? i may be biast because he is my family but im really sick of everyone acting like theyre so perfect all the time. makes me sick so get over yourselves

I hope he gets 5 years and

I hope he gets 5 years and 10,000 dollar fine. I think he needs to spend time in the prison, once a drug dealer always a drug dealer.

I think if you get caught

I think if you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, suffer the consequences. Firefighters make mistakes? I'm sure he knew what he was doing and for some reason this situation does not shock me.

We need to try not to judge

We need to try not to judge the whole department based on a couple of bad seeds. Sheridan Fire and Rescue has a great team.

Poor Reflection

Why would someone ruin a perfectly good career over a piece of a plant, a mixture of lethal ingredients, or a pill? Guess I wonder why people don't lean on friends and family when they need help dealing with problems not a drug. It sucks to see anyone depend on a drug for help, and we cannot allow these kind of people to get jobs where they are depended on so much. Imagine if he was on the job when it happened and lives were on the line, how sad. Would you trust your child's life to someone that is high I don't want to take that chance.


I'm sorry but maybe you should re-read the article and know the situation before you judge and think you know what you're talking about. He was prescribed this medication. If they didnt think it would be safe for him to take the medication and work then they probablly wouldnt prescribe it to him the first place.Thank you for assuming you knew what you were talking about but maybe next time you'll think before you become so dramatic

Must be the water!

What is up with the SFD? Is it boredom? leadership? Too much pay? What is up with you guyz? Or was it a rat within who turned in a fellow commrade? maybe because he gave a pill to someone who was in pain! The plot thickens!


This kind of behavior is not indicative to any one profession, race, or socio-economic class.

Everyone screws up and does stupid stuff. Crime and/or drugs is not soley reserved for people that are characterized as being poor, dumb or junkies.

Fire fighters can screw up just as do politicians, cops, doctors, nurses, teachers, judges, professional athletes and that list goes on and on.

Firefighter arrested

Want a sad commentary!

And these are the kind of

And these are the kind of people that are suppose to protect us and our property

I think they need to look

I think they need to look into more firefighters because it sure seems like something seems fishy around SFD

Firefighters make mistakes

Firefighters make mistakes too!

Well at least he wasn't

Well at least he wasn't going house to house doing fire safety checks and stealing peoples meds like the last sheridan fireman they caught.

do you have a job?

stealing or delivering? both are just as bad. Do you have a job or do you get paid to be the devil's advocate on here? Just curious. Most of your posts make little to no sense.

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