Sheridan County Will Sponsor MDU Rate Increase Meeting

Earlier this week the Sheridan City Council appointed a committee to look into the reasons for the proposed Montana Dakota Utilities electrical rate increase. Councilor John Heath will head that committee.

The Wyoming Public Service Commission must approve the increase before MDU could start charging customers the higher rates. There is a public meeting scheduled for February 10th with the PSC. The City will ask to move the meeting from the Public Library to City Hall so they can record the meeting for those who cannot attend.

The Sheridan County Commissioners announced they will also look into the increase and have scheduled a public forum next week with representatives from MDU. MDU will make a short presentation to the public and then people will have a chance to ask questions and comment on the requested rate hike. Commissioners will hold that meeting at the Sheridan Senior Center on Thursday, January 14th. Doors will open at 5PM.

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MDU rate increase

It does make a major difference to attend these meetings and for you to indicate that it doesn't is irresponsible on your part.

All attending these types of

All attending these types of meetings gets you,is lip service.After the meeting these companies still do whatever they want.

Wyomings illustrious politicians,Bruce Burns in particular have already stated they don't want to get involved in this because it might get "political".And after all,Bruce wouldn't want to get something done for the taxpayers of wyoming.He's only interested in their vote during election years.

I agree 100%, Here is what

I agree 100%, Here is what the real reason of the meeting is IMO ... In these meetings the companies are looking to see how much support is for or against an issue.. Then they go back to a board room and talk about how much money it may take to combat a negitive oppinion. The companies are looking for the public to tip their hand in a corporate poker game, nothing more.. I will stand by my point, going OFF GRID takes MDU out of the equation PERIOD.. The one thing that would solve this is a COOP energy inside of sheridan.. Groups of people who support solar would be able to pump power back into the grid, and then charge MDU at their higher rates.. These rate hikes are a great way to drive customers away from MDU if there is an alternative..

working in the real

working in the real corporate world everyday, you start to see things a lot differntly. ;)

keep drinking that floride lol.....

The whole reason MDU is

The whole reason MDU is asking for 30% and 40% increases,is because they know it'll be negotiated down to 17% and then a year or so down the road they'll come back to the table and try for another increase.

That's exactly why they are

That's exactly why they are seeking an increase.They aren't making a killing on natural gas and the lack of methane production has killed off electrical consumption.

I totaly agree. As a side

I totaly agree. As a side note, dont get sucked in by the "smart grid" term. It's nothing more then corporate babble... off grid or bust....

MDU Rate Increase

Natural gas prices have been extreamly low for over a year. How can MDU justify a increase with the gas prices and economy the way it is?

I've been to these meetings.

I've been to these meetings. They are not input meetings. They have made their decision, and they will move forward with the rate change. Your only choice is to google off grid products to make yourself independent of the money grab that is going on.. The meeting will be a waste of your time, take yourself off the grid. This meeting, and future meetings will be a mute point.


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