The Sheridan County Republican Caucus and County Convention Held This Weekend

Sheridan County Republicans held a precinct caucus and a county convention this weekend in order to elect a caucus chairman, vote on party resolutions, and elect delegates for the State Convention and adopt the county platform. Cathy Koleman, who is the Chairman of the Sheridan County Republicans, says the resolutions and platforms committees had quite a lot of work cut out for them

Before these resolutions become public and official, they must go through the state processes and become adopted. The elected delegates who will represent Sheridan County at the state convention, Cathy says, include our four state representatives from Sheridan County

This year, the Wyoming Republican State Convention is in Sheridan and will take place on Thursday, April 29th-May 1st, at the Holiday Inn.

Also coming up is the annual Reagan Day Dinner, which will also be at the Holiday Inn in Sheridan on March 20th. Liz Cheney will be the guest speaker at the Reagan Day Dinner, but she will also be the guest on public pulse this Tuesday.

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