Sheridan County Recreation Board Considers The Future Of Kleenburn Recreation Area

The reclamation work at the Kleenburn Recreation Area near Acme is almost complete. The office of Abandoned Mine Lands funded most of the work as the area was once used as a coal mine. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department also contributed to the project. Sheridan County owns the property and the site will be under the supervision of the Sheridan County Parks and Recreation Board. The board members are the Sheridan County Commissioners.

The Board officially adopted 4 rules for the Kleenburn site. Board member Bob Rolston…

The Board will also request permission from the Wyoming Department of Transportation to place the Kleenburn Recreation Area on Interstate signage near the Acme exit.

The area is currently closed and the Recreation Board decided to open the site on January 15th at daybreak. Board member Mike Nickel suggested they hold a grand opening celebration for the site sometime this summer, possibly in connection with the annual Wyoming free fishing day.

Temporary signs explaining the rules should be erected in time for the opening.

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Amce Pits

Acme Pits were GREAT for the ATV's, bikes, walkers, paint ballers, and whom ever.. BUT the people whom have respect for ANY land "trash" was left. Those of them whom picked up after themselves "lost" the land, and those of you whom decided to trash it well I say "thank you". My family and friends went there to shoot guns, ride, well that was taking way.. By who? The trash leavers. Yes I beleive they could have worked together to better the place. BUT the "trashers" would come back and do as they see fit.. Look what they have gone and done already..



isn't the entire mountain

isn't the entire mountain open to atv's and motorcycles?Also 3poles is a good place for riding.Can't riders ride on BLM land or not? it is considered public land so i don't see why not.the place was a dump everytime we went there it was pretty trashed up to bad they couldn't have comprimised and made it where both sides would be happy.

No,the entire mountain isn't

No,the entire mountain isn't open to orv,but it is all open to fishing and picnicing.No riders can't ride on all BLM lands.

Kleenburn is close to town and for decades was an open area available to everyone,and didn't cost the county a dime.Now it's open to a select group of users and has cost us thousands of dollars and will continue to cost thousands of dollars to operate.

You are partly right

You can ride on the mountain, only on roads or trails. The trail system is great, the Forest Service should be proud of their efforts. BLM is NOT really public land. It is on paper but the lease holder controls the surface. Also, if BLM land is surrounded by private land with no legal access, it is essentially private land that the surrounding landowner controls. I have only been to the Acme pit area maybe a dozen times in the 30 years I have lived here, generally to let my kids fish, either in the river or the ponds. Yes, it was trashy but it was also a place where a person could practice archery, plink, hill-climb with motored vehicles, and fish. They have made the 3 pole area a 'controlled' area which left the Acme area as the closest uncontrolled area. Now that they have it controlled,where is the closest place, FREE, that a person can practice archery, plink, teach youngsters the safe handling of guns, ride 4 wheelers or bikes, or even hunt? I doubt that I will ever go out there for anything but what I don't understand is why this area is so intent on closing down areas that teens can have clean fun? It seems to me that this area is centered on the wealthy and the retired. Next big expenditure, shortly after the annexation of the Wrench Ranch property, look forward to the new walking path to Acme.

Thanks for doing the right thing

To the county Commisioners I wish to express my extreme gratitude in your design to make this facility handicap accessible. In many situations it may not be required to take someones diasability into consideration but it is always the right thing to do. Thanks again.

Steve Brantz
Ward #3 councilor
City of Sheridan

Nobody made the area a

Nobody made the area a disgrace trevor.The area is an open pit mine.It was perfect for open use becuase you couldn't possibly harm the area.Now they've managed to create an area that will require constant up keep and waste money.

If you can't find a quiet place in sheridan county to fish and picnic you need help or you just want to whine.

What we really have here trevor is your own jealousy of not being able to afford an atv or motorcycle,leading you to not want others to enjoy those same freedoms.You really need to ask kim for a pay raise.

you dared

a simple fact useres made that area a disgrace why in heavens name would it need to be cleaned up.

Every public area in the county doesn't have to be for atv's.

I always liked a nice quiet place to fish with kids and family.

That place was a "total" disgrace for sheridan county.
To have every kind of trash you can think of plus spent fireworks, beer cans , beer bottles, booze bottles that's just for starters piles of it.

bad usuers ruined it all they have to do is look in the mirror.

My God lovin Grand mother always told us if you don't treat things nice they get taken from you.

Didn't like "disgrace" how about degradation, taint, tarnish, corrupt, blight, blemish , ill repute, any of thse getting closer how about this dandy "opporobium."

My favorite of all time Vandalism!!!

HOW DARE I???? free country my friend.


true, some users did trash up the area, but don't throw all users into the "trashing, littering, disgrace" category. looks like the work done to the area was a real good improvement, however yet again we have one more area blocked off to motorcycle and orv use. by golly if you love to hike and eat granola then this place should be perfect for you. maybe we could somehow call this the "we want to be like colorado and only hike area". trevor, you basically called all previous users of that area a disgrace. well i know alot of people that utilized that area without dumping trash there, myself included. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!

Great move

Users turned that area into a dump it was a disgrace.
I'm happy to see someone with brains step in a do something about it.

That new area is going to be a great place to enjoy the outdoors close to town. Way to go Sheridan County and Game and Dish Dept.

All the area will turn into

All the area will turn into is a joke.You've already had numerous cases of fish winter kill on the ponds which the press covered in the past,due to lack of aquatic vegetation and snow and ice cover.I've fished it for over 30 years now and it's always been marginal.As for trash in the area.You could have hired trash removal for a fraction of the money they've already thrown away.

What you have is people like mike Watkins and his groupee's who want sheridan to be like colorado.So they constantly cry to the county commissioners every meeting about how we need to waste tax dollars on abortions like kleenburn.They tell fairy tales about kayaking etc.but they fail to tell the truth about those activities being viable only during spring run off etc.

The only thing that has been acomplished here is the elimination of an area that was used by all kinds of people and has now been turned it into a money pit that only a select few people will use.Enforcement will be nightmare.All of which you and I get to pay for,because some transplants couldn't handle the sight of the general public riding bikes and atv's around the area and enjoying themselves..

So what is allowed? What was

So what is allowed? What was the point of spending all the money?


Activities allowed: hiking, jogging, cross county skiing, fishing, non-motorized boating, canoeing, kayaking, skating, ice fishing, picknicking, birding, relaxing, dogs.....

Dogs in the area will be

Dogs in the area will be allowed til somebody freaks out and says they are dirty.
Pretty much it will be an awesome place I can spend and afternoon with my family minus 2 fluffy members. Sad.

Are people allowed to wear

Are people allowed to wear shoes in the area?Or is that considered too high of impact also.

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