Sheridan County Planning Commission OK's Fee Raises

Development in Sheridan County will come at a bit steeper price now that the Planning Commission has given their approval to raising fees across the board. County Planner Mark Reid explains the fee raises.

Reid said that fees haven't been adjusted in sometime, and in one particular case, it's been over thirty years.

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Who is in charge???

I agree with reality check. Raise fees and then turn around and waive them? What brilliant mind came up with this formula? Oh wait, not everyone gets them waived. Just those that can afford extra money can get them waived but the lowly commoner will get the increase added to theirs.

It's the american way.

It's the american way.

There you go,raise the fee's

There you go,raise the fee's so that the developers can get them waived and the taxpayers can flip the bill.

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