Sheridan County Commissioners Vote on Building Permit Proposal

Sheridan County Commissioners Vote on Building Permit Proposal

During their regular bi-monthly meeting this Tuesday, Sheridan County Commissioners voted on the proposal to require county-wide building code and electrical inspections. On a 4 to 0 vote, the Commissioners voted not to adopt any new regulations. During the period when they commented on their decision, Commissioner Tom Ringley mentioned some of the public input they received:

He adds::

The four Commissioners to vote on this proposal were Steve Maier, Tom Ringley, Bob Rolston and Mike Nickel. Commissioner Terry Cram is away this week.

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I'm glad to see decisions

I'm glad to see decisions like this, we need to keep in mind whatever our political beliefs that every law passed (no matter how well intentioned) strips us of some of our freedom. Government is necessary to avoid anarchy, and at times can do good, but one must always keep a wary eye on it.


Yes, liberty prevailed and I'm glad the board listened to the people. Voting for freedom is not difficult and the vote should always be unanimously in support of our rights. Thanks goes to those who stood up and spoke up for our rights. A well written and logical e-mail or letter does have an effect. The board seems composed of good folks, doing a rather difficult job. We owe it to them and our fellow citizens to provide calm, well-reasoned and concise imput, to the decision-making process. They can't know what we think unless we let them know and I still think honey is better than vineger. Congrats to the "still" free people of Sheridan Co.


Thank you.

Thanks goes to the Commissioners for listening to the people!



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