Sheridan County 4-H Carnival

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County Commissioner Mike Nickel dunked once again.
County Commissioner Mike Nickel dunked once again.

The Exhibit Hall was the place to be for a fun-packed, family friendly, Saturday afternoon. It was the annual Sheridan County 4-H Carnival Fundraiser and Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott stopped and brings us this story.

Take a look at the parking lot and if it's packed, you know something good is happening inside and so it was Saturday at the Exhibit Hall at the fairgrounds. It was the annual Sheridan County 4-H Carnival Fundraiser and Chili Feed.

It took a little bit of doing to get inside the building. There were these little guys having a frenzied game of hockey going on right in front of the doors. Now, I didn't want to get hit in the side of the head with some plastic hockey puck so we scurried right on through.

It was nothing but wall-to-wall folks out having a good time with their families and all for a good cause...4-H. Coordinator Jerrica Lind explains.

Lind tells us where the money raised will go.

There was lots of food and all sorts of games that kids of all ages could enjoy. There was a cake walk, a basketball throw, a fishing game, but the one that brought in a lot of attention and a lot of tickets was the dunk tank with County Commissioner Mike Nickel sitting on the hot seat.

I tell you, the kids that played had some mighty good arms because he was in the water more than he was out. He explains.

And he sure didn't take his time getting out of the water. The way he acted, you might have thought the water was a tad bit cold.

Brenda Caiola leads a 4-H club and was pleased with the turnout.

That was half-way through the carnival.

My teen-age daughter was with me, bored as teens can get when they're with their moms, so I gave her a five dollar bill to play some games. Now, most of the games were geared for the little people but she did find one she could do...the ring toss. She came back smiling, having won a can of pop.

I asked her how much did she pay for that can of pop. A dollar and then she convinced me to try. You guessed it, that one dollar can of pop now turned into a five dollar can of pop. I ran into nine year-old Johnathon Marshall and asked him what he won.

Now, you wouldn't think a plastic yellow snake would mean much but for Johnathon, the way he held it up for the world to see, it meant the world. You couldn't help but smile at the wonder in his voice, when I asked him about the carnival.

Amazing, simply amazing.

For information on 4-H and how you can get involved call Jerrica Lind at the Extension Office at 674-2980.

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