Sheridan College Nixes Speech And Debate Team

Sheridan College V.P. of Enrollment Services Mark Englert
Sheridan College V.P. of Enrollment Services Mark Englert

The recent decision to eliminate the Speech and Debate program at Sheridan College was made jointly by faculty and administration. Sheridan College Vice President of Enrollment Services Mark Englert says that the decision was a tough one, but that it will actually help strengthen another program.

Traveling long distances to compete was another factor in the decision to eliminate the program.

Englert also said that since most of the students in speech and debate have similar interests in the arts, they should transition well into the theater program.

Speech and Debate vs. Theater

I am a fan of both Speech/Debate and Theater. However the thought that Speech/Debate members should transition well into the Theater program is flawed. Sure the two programs have some similiarities in that they require public communication, however one program is geared towards discussion and the other is entertainment. Granted productions produced for theater are not always purely for entertainment, however the primary purpose is to entertain and not to debate. Speech and Debate is not an "art" it is a necessary skill but then again, oops Dancing with the Stars is on, better cut this short. It is all about priorities and entertainment is the priority, not discussion.



It is sad that a program that has done so well (don't make me count the large number of national and international awards) suffers that hand of funding. As a former member of both the team and the theater No Frills Theater Company I am deeply disturbed by these events. While I support theater and I am happy to see a small program grow I can only be hurt by its success at the hands of such a great program. In life, some decisions are hard and others are easy and this could not have been an easy decision. Travel? How many schools are there in Wyoming that have speech team? Four? Five? Few programs had the advantages of this team. I know for a fact that Sheridan tried on multiple occasions to host a tournament to help this. Also, speechies do not all transition well into theater, they are too analytical. I am happy to see the money stay in the arts program, but saddened at the loss of an amazing program.

Not a good reflection

This decision is a poor reflection of the priorities of the college. Sports are nice but academics should take priority, after all it is an institution of learning?

ABSOLUTELY (caps intentended)!

It is a sad 'state of affairs' when a SCHOOL encourages future adult leaders to PLAY rather than LEARN!

Good Decision

I like this decision except they should use the money to enhance the sports programs at SC. I would like to see them get maybe baseball/softball.
Plus the dome needs some remodeling, get more money to support the basketball program.

I dont know where you get

I dont know where you get your thinking rationale. Those of us who go to college, dont go to WATCH SPORTS. Plowing money into an athletics programs adds no value to the education of anyone attending the college, no value to the degree a student wishs to recieve. The qualifications of a degree do not include sports. I think sports are great, but they are entertainment, not knowledge. Those of us who have ever debated know the value of debate, and the advanced communication and critical thinking skills it requires. These skills directly translate into real life situations and the furthering of a persons education. To not provide funding for this program and the arts in general is a direct violation of the principal, of the sharing of ideas. You don't need basketball or baseball to be succseful in your life, however you do need the ablity to communicate and realte to the people around you. This is like getting replacing books with MTV. If you can't read subtitles mean nothing.

Renae Gifford :)

Well written!

Very good, I applaud your post!


Why on earth would it be a good idea to take funding from an arts program and funnel it into athletics?! You've got to be kidding! Join some intramural sports or something. Arts funding is hard to come by; athletic programs are generally well funded. Broaden your horizons a little!

You've got it right, thank

You've got it right, thank you for posting your views.
Renae Gifford :)

Renae Gifford :)

This funding decision is

This funding decision is really sad.


Your right! Renae Gifford :)

Your right!
Renae Gifford :)

Renae Gifford :)

Too bad; this was such a

Too bad; this was such a good program.


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