Sheridan College Hosts Speaker on Kenyan Water Project

Sheridan College Hosts Speaker on Kenyan Water Project

Sheridan College has joined forces with University of Wyoming outreach programs around the state and parts of Montana to raise money and workers to provide drinking water to a community in Kenya.

Dr. John Kambutu, associate professor of educational studies at the UW Casper College Center, said many Kenyans live on less than $1 a day, and much of their time and energy is expended struggling to attain basic amenities of life, like clean drinking water. He said women and girls are charged with getting water for their families, and this can sometimes mean dropping out of school or walking 20 miles in a single day. Something as simple as installing a well can change the course of their lives.

Dr. Kumbutu is recruiting a small team of locals to travel to Kenya next summer to help build a water house and reservoir for the community there. He and his team are working to raise $48,000 to cover the installation of the well and provide financial relief for project volunteers. Dr. Kambutu explained community efforts like the Hillside Kenya Water Project are the only way life can get better for some citizens of our global village.

Dr. Kambutu will be in Sheridan October 19 to present a lecture about the living circumstances in Kenya and provide more information about the Hillside Kenya Water Project. Stay tuned to Sheridan Media News to hear more about the project.

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