Sheridan College Begins Presidential Search

The search for a new Sheridan College president has begun in earnest. The College Board met in a special session on Friday and they decided to contract with the Association of Community College Trustees to provide recruitment services. Trustee Kati Sherwood says the whole process could take less than five months.

The Board expects to have a contract ready to approve by their regular meeting later this month. ACCT will actively recruit for the position from February through April. They provide a list of 6 to 12 final candidates to the Board around the beginning of May. From that time the Board will narrow the field further before making a final decision by the end of the month.

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Is there any way that

Is there any way that kinskey could get involved in the colleges hiring process?

With kinskeys help the college could probably have to repeat the hiring process several times.The upside is with kinskeys direction,it only costs around $17k every time the process is repeated.That's almost free.

College Board elected for a reason

I hope and trust the Board of Trustees of the College will recognize that their constituents elected them to perform their duties, one of which will be to select the new College President. We did not elect them to defer to the pressures of the media or vested interest parties to select this person.
Somehow the Sheridan Mayor and City Council have forgotten that they were elected to perform the same function, hiring and firing of city employeees including department heads. The current debacle with round 2 on the Police Chief is an expensive example of what happens when the electeds bend to the wills of the outside forces.

The board of trustees at the

The board of trustees at the college care as much about their constituents,as the county commissioners,mayor and city council care about their constituents.That being zero.That is unless they need your vote.Other then that the public is nothing but an incovenience to these people.

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