Sheridan City Hall Goes “Back To The Future” This Week

Sheridan City Hall Goes “Back To The Future” This Week

It's a little bit bigger than a bread basket. And it is going into the walls of Sheridan City Hall this Thursday.

Sheridan City Hall's 100th birthday is this year and a celebration planned for this Thursday was supposed to include opening a time capsule. This capsule was placed in the walls of the building 100 years ago when the city hall was first constructed; however, getting the capsule out has been a bit more problematic than perhaps its creators intended, as Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey tells us:

And although the celebration this Thursday won't include opening a time capsule:

And then, he says, review the contents of the new time capsule, which have yet to be fully determined.

However, some things already known to be going in the capsule may create an obstacle for our descendants. Though physically accessing this time capsule in 100 years may be easier:

Mayor Kinskey says if anyone has any ideas of what to put in the capsule they are welcome to make suggestions, as they still have some room in the “bread basket”-sized capsule.

Sheridan City Hall's 100th "birthday" bash will be held congruent to the 3rd Thursday Street Festival in Sheridan, starting a little after 6:30.


who really cares?

Time Capsule

I still dont understand why we are not going to pull that time capsule out and open it up and see what our relatives left for us to discover. I understand that it may take some work to extract, but they put it there for us to open it on that date for a reason. There might be something very important regarding our history that needs to be discovered, something that we dont have knowledge of. In my opinion its very disrespectful to disregard it for another hundred years when they intented for us to open it now. It dont benefit anyone to "sweep it under the rug" so to speak.

Did you listen to the audio?

In the first audio clip Kinskey says that the capsule is embedded too tightly for them to extract and open it.

He said they could extract

He said they could extract it, but it would essentially require tearing down a huge chunk of City Hall to do so.

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