Sheridan City Councilman John Heath Rebuts Office of Consumer Advocate Recommendation

Yesterday, we reported that the Consumer Advocate recommendation for a proposed MDU rate increase would be better at 8%, rather than the average 31% request put before the Public Service Commission. In hearing that report, Sheridan City Councilman John Heath had this response.

Mayor Dave Kinskey asked Heath to head a subcommittee to review the MDU rate increase proposal.

Heath says that of course we want a strong MDU, but now is not the time to have the customers incur a cost to WYGEN III that was negotiated back in 2007 and 2008 when the economy was stronger. He stresses again -- not 31%, not 8%, but 0% -- NO increase in MDU rates.

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Wow, this guy has a head on

Wow, this guy has a head on his shoulders. What is he doing in Sheridan ? It sounds like he is going to buy customers TIME, but as I said before rates will raise in time. Take this time and START looking into off grid and grid tie products.

Heaths all hot air.The

Heaths all hot air.The council appointed him to severs vacated seat and now he's trying to campaign himself into another term.He'll tell you anything you want to hear as long as it gets him elected again.

Thank you!!! I dont know if

Thank you!!! I dont know if I could take another increase!

Just a little correction.

The proposed MDU increase is no longer at 31% average across all classes. Not that there is much change but they filed a supplemental request that lowered the average proposed increase to 25% across all classes. Just thought you'd like to know. Source is video on home page of


Right on Councilman Heath, I say 0% increase to MDU as well. Thanks for your support!

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