Sheridan City Council Sets Deadline For Applications For Bar And Grill Licenses

The Sheridan City Council tabled the public hearing on the issuance of the two available bar and grill licenses at their meeting Monday night. The two applicants, Chad Franklin with P.O. News and Flagstaff Cafe and Brock Boedecker with Crowbo LLC, seemed a bit taken off guard by the Council's decision to table the matter, since both applicants meet the criteria that is established in the bar and grill license resolution.

Councilor Ryan Mulholland made the motion to table the item, citing due diligence as the main reason for doing so.

Mulholland explains that applications will need to be submitted soon.

Along with the two applicants who went before the Council Monday night, there are two others who have submitted, or will be submitting their applications soon. The Council also approved a resolution that shows their support for legislation that would allow more bar and grill licenses to be issued in the future.


I am glad to see the council put the issue back on the table for now. I agree we need more places to eat, well ones that are worth a crap. Boedecker will probably get his, but do we honestly need a gourmet pizza place? I have had his and I would say it is far from gourmet. We saw those 2 license fiascos with Patterson and Street. Why tie them up for another 18 months or so with no end result. The concil needs to make sure these applicants have a viable chance of opening a place before we hand them over. The P O news has been around awhile and I think he would be fine with one, but giving one to a new start up, let alone another pizza joint, needs to be looked at. We need somethign new in this town to eat, not a 4th or 5th pizza place.

It's all about the money.And

It's all about the money.And these liquor licenses are worth a bunch.

We don't need another McDonalds,but we're getting one.It's not about what you want to eat.It's about not allowing anything in town that would compete with something the Scott's own.

If you've paid attention to Councilman Mulholland,he's made several comments about alcohol issues within his family and his wife's family,most recently during the downtown thirsty thursday event.So he's going to take the high moral ground for everybody and try to table these licenses as much as possible.Of course Ryan has no problem with giving Neltje $1.2 million for infrastructre in exchange for 38 acres of commercially zoned property,that ryan hopes to then put his computer business in.

Why wait??

How can economic growth occur when they've tabled the decision & are taking even more time before issuing the licenses?? What they're saying makes no sense at all. City Council is simply stalling the process & NOT promoting economic growth. Chad Franklin & Brock Boedecker have been fighting to get these bar & grill licences for quite some time & are ready to get started. Let them get started!! They have everything ready & have been vigilant about attending City Council meetings, getting their applications submitted, etc. I get the feeling that maybe one of the two new "potential" applicants is a good friend of a City Councilmen...and they're tabling it to give their buddy time to get it together. Come on City Council, stop preventing good economic growth!

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