Sheridan City Council Receives Update On Police Officer Being Investigated For Domestic Violence

The Sheridan City Council held an executive session Thursday night regarding a personnel issue about a Sheridan Police Officer that is being investigated for a domestic violence call that occurred in December 2009. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey.

Council took no action on the matter, as the executive session was strictly informative. The name of the officer in question has not been released, nor has the status of the ongoing investigation. Personnel issues are protected information under Wyoming statutes.

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What makes you think he's

What makes you think he's not being treated to the same standard? I would think he's being held to a much much higher standard. Most us of will have our fate decided on scene by what the Police can see and determine. More often then naught police end up seperating parties for the night because there is not enough evidence for an arrest.

In this case the Officer gets investigated by his own department, the County Attorney's Office and an outside agency also does an investigation. Most of us don't get put of leave because of an acusation- this Officer did. Most of us don't have our future employment in the balance and City Council meeting held to discuss it- this Officer is. If he is guilty I agree he should be prosecuted and fired. But in reality it sounds like he is being held to a much higher standard then most of us.

Sheridan's Finest. I'm so

Sheridan's Finest. I'm so proud.

Hey Kinskey, next time you hire your buddy to be police chief, make sure he at least TRIES to check their credentials.....

right on cj joe i agree why

right on cj joe i agree why should we let them slide why would kinskey be able to slide on a DUI and waste our money to clear his "good name". why is there no investigation into his dealings with a scaming drug dealer you know that we would be slammed with one if we did. i respect the good cops but it sure doesnt seem like we have very many good ones in sheridan. wouldnt it be protecting and serving us if we knew who was a woman beater or a kid beater on our police force? im tired of how corrupt our community has become i think we need to clean it up. i sure would like to know who it was!

Now if this involved drunk

Now if this involved drunk driving,kinskey would have a wealth of first hand knowledge and experience.

What's up with finding a new police chief?Sure has been quiet lately.


Why are cops treated with a different standard than the citizens they are sworn to protect? An infraction is an infraction regaurdless who it is! Stop protecting these weasils and let justice take its course! I respect the authority but only when they are held to the same standards as the citizens they protect!

If you will notice, all

If you will notice, all defendents of domestic violence crimes are not identified until they appear in court. Since this officer has not even been charged with a crime, how would it be appropriate to identify this person. Calling them "weasils" really shows your respect for authority.

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