Sheridan City Council Holds Work Session on Liquor Licenses

Mayor Dave Kinskey, Councilman Steve Brantz and Councilman John Heath held a work session Friday morning in the 3rd Floor City Hall Council Chambers regarding what different kinds of liquor licenses are available in the state of Wyoming, and the rules outlined within each type of license.

Facilitating the workshop was Kelly Hunt, who is an agent with the State of Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division. He answered questions posed by the mayor, councilmen, and a handful of community members who are in the process of trying to secure Bar and Grill licenses.

The lion's share of workshop discussion centered around whether it would be better to apply for a Restaurant License or a Bar & Grill License. Hunt told the audience that everything hinged upon whether or not the floor plan had a defined dispensing room, which is "enclosed" and partitioned with some form of floor-to-ceiling connectivity.

If a plan had more of a configuration like an Applebees, it would be considered a Bar & Grill, because the dispensing room would have bar seating around it and it would have to be separated by a partition of some sort from the eating area of the building.

But if the dispensing room were at one end of the building, followed the enclosure rules and no bar seating were established, it could be licensed as a Restaurant.

Mayor Kinskey told the Bar and Grill applicants in attendance they may wish to reconsider how they design their floor plans, because based upon where the dispensing room is located, there are far more Restaurant Licenses to be had than there are Bar and Grill Licenses -- in Sheridan County's case, two.

The mayor indicated that they would have DVD's of the work session made available to interested parties, as well as web accessibility on the city's website.

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