Sheridan City Council Holds Special Meeting On Grant Application for High-Tech Park

The Sheridan City Council held a special session Monday, where they approved a resolution to move forward with a grant application through the Wyoming Business Council to provide infrastructure for the proposed High-Tech Business Park in north Sheridan. Forward Sheridan and City staff have been working on the grant application, that must be submitted to the Business Council by March 1st.

Forward Sheridan Executive Director Jay Stender says Council's approval was a step in the right direction.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey explains that there is no better time than right now for making this happen.

Kinskey indicated that the High-Tech Park would provide the perfect location for a business looking for an off-site data storage center.

The High-Tech Park would be located on 38.5 acres of land north of Sheridan that was recently part of the Wrench Ranch annexation and subsequent land swap between the City and the Wrench Ranch. The City is requesting a total of $3 million in Business Ready Community grant funding through the Business Council. Sheridan Public Works Director Nic Bateson said that it's a two phased grant request, with the first $1.5 million being for water and sewer, and the second $1.5 million for other infrastructure associated with the project. The Business Council will consider and act on the grant request this upcoming June.

It is amazing that

It is amazing that Councilman Mulholland is not only building a business for data storage, but also was the Councilman who specificaly dealt with the Wrench Ranch on the swapping of the property for the anexation, No Conflict of Interest there? I guess is a I'll pat your back if you pat mine City Administration.

Your kidding right ? Qwest

Your kidding right ? Qwest has a very large internet backbone in contrast to ACT. I know for a fact when I was going head to head with Qwest back in 2004 there north to south OC192 backbone was the only thing that compete with my east coast to west coast OC192. Also you need to look at peering capacity, are you telling me ACT has anywhere near the BGP peer capacity that Qwest has. I have over 80% of the nations peer points, and I have never heard of ACT..In the new communications market your going to always want to be closest to the largest global backbone, IMO ACT don’t cut it.. Qwest will get you to the nearest access to edge router on a backbone faster the ACT.. I don’t work for Qwest but I know their backbone capacity well..

Nice try. You're confusing

Nice try. You're confusing circuit size with physical infrastructure; a common mistake for self trained IT hacks and small time ISP owners. If ACT disconnected it's fiber network Qwest would be out of business. That's because Qwest leases dark fiber from ACT to reach Sheridan. Other than for a small amount of local fiber, Qwest is not connected to anything between Billings and Casper with its own facilites, period. By the way, ACT redundantly peers with at least four level 1 providers in both Casper and Billings and they can expand their carrying capacity at will since they own their optical network. You, my friend, may partially understand IT but you know little about telecommunciations infrastructure or special circuit transport. Additionally, judging from your note, you appear to be a Qwest service reseller; today's digital equivalent of an 1880s snake oil saleman. Again, nice try, but there is no way Qwest or, for that matter, you can hold a candle to ACT and its network. By the way, I DID work for Qwest, and I know their entire company infrastructure very well. Sheridan is well connected, and Qwest isn't the company doing the work.

And another thing, circuit

And another thing, circuit size capacity is the only thing that DOES matter anymore, once they could get quality voice to travel in a packet the whole game changed... That's a big part of WHY the Q and T gave up the legacy junk they had in the ground, it was mostly garbage at that point. The game changed to "service provider" that is where the money is at, not physical infrastructure.. All the small guys playing phone company, are going to learn that in the next 15 years.. All that junk in the ground will be useless, do you want to know why… Here’s a hint, do you know why the TV’s went all digital? And how much bandwidth is available where TV broadcasting use to sit on the analog airways? So back to the IT Park that they are trying to build, I think it is a great idea… The only reason I asked about why it would be so far from a LEC is, mostly because “THE LAST MILE” will be the only place where physical infrastructure matters and that will only matter for about 10 years…

Well now we know why you USE

Well now we know why you USE to work for Qwest... Yes , Qwest uses off net fiber to Sheridan, do you have any idea WHY ? The SLA payout on an outage across ACT's physical layer 1 infrastructure is a better gamble right now for Qwest. When management at Qwest gets ready to pull that service back to ON NET, they will do it in a heartbeat.. Right now they are building service base with little to no risk of SLA payouts..
"I know their entire company infrastructure very well"
So tell me, on the Qwest north south backbone, what layer three equipment did they use, and what did they end up changing out to ? Lets see what kind of hack you are, or were.
I sat with Q management when they worked for T, I know exactly what they are doing and why.. IMHO

You've got low priced

You've got low priced electricity,provided MDU doesn't get their increase.

Isn't that amazing

Isn't that amazing Councilman Mulholland just happens to be building a business dealing with off site data.Who would have thunk it and to think kinskey would already know something about that kind of business..

I didn't think the Qwest LEC

I didn't think the Qwest LEC was on the far north end of town. Is Sheridan also looking at the cost to backhaul high speed/capacity fiber to that location "HUGE costs"? Who in their right mind would put a Business, High-Tech, or any other kind of park so far away from a communication hub ?

Who Needs Qwest...?

Simple answer: Qwest isn't there. But ACT is. Who cares about Qwest anyway; they buy all their connectivity into and out of Sheridan from ACT. And ACT can provide redundant and diverse fiber optic connectivity to this location and then carry the data traffic out of town two different ways. The prices they charge for commercial high capacity Internet is priced at the same levels found in metropolitan areas. This is actually a very good move on both the City's and Forward Sheridan's part, and it supports a local company (ACT) and its employees (who live in and spend their pay in Sheridan).

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