Sheridan City Council Gets Financial Update

The Wyoming State Legislature will begin the 2010 budget session in a few weeks, and the City of Sheridan is looking at their financial status with possible reduction in state revenues on the horizon. City Treasurer Jennifer Reed provided the budget update at Monday night’s City Council meeting.

The Council also passed the third reading of a law that will allow speed limits to be enforced as posted, and future speed limits in the City can be changed by resolution, rather than an ordinance that takes three readings. Councilor Bob Webster…

Rehabilitation Enterprises of Northeast Wyoming asked the Council to provide a resolution showing support of their organization. The Council passed the resolution, asking legislators to fund RENEW and other organizations to a level that allows them to meet the needs of their clients.

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I agree, but at what point

I agree, but at what point will Americans demand the return of viable labor unions, and a stop to bailing out Goldman Sacs where the average salary is $550k while we continue to let industries and jobs of all kinds be sent to China?


I think if the CEO and CFO's didn't recieve such an outrageous salary maybe they could afford to keep some of the staff who really do the work with the clients and make it through hard times. why should the blue collar worker do all the work, make the least amount within the organization and risk losing their jobs so that the Higher ups can keep their bonuses that are almost as much as client staff salaries. You can't blame it all on the economy or the government, quite hiring consultants and Dr.'s who get $100,000.00 dollar salary's and stop taking bonuses when you are losing the staff that do all the work that helps you keep the clients.

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