Sheridan City Council Considers 1-Cent Priorities

Sheridan City Council Considers 1-Cent Priorities

Sheridan City Council held a work session Wednesday night to discuss changes in allocating the 1-cent optional funds, if the tax is renewed by voters in November.

City Clerk Scott Badley updated the Council on the feedback from Sheridan County residents:

Scott also presented a draft agreement that entities receiving 1-cent funding would be required to complete:

In the coming weeks, the Council is expected to vote on a resolution as to how 1-cent funds will be allocated, if the voters renew the tax this November.

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What if the tax isn't Re-Imposed?

What happens if, against all odds, the voters decide to take a short "tax holiday" and realize that re-imposing the one-percent tax isn't a good idea?
Will we get a refund from all the wasted time, lost on "wealth-redistribution" sessions?
Why not hold off on the "divy up the spoils" sessions and instead, invite the public to discuss alternate methods of fund-raising? Maybe a brief history lesson on how we did it for the 100 yrs prior to the existence of the one-percent mandatory tax.
Did Sheridan have no police or parks before mandatory taxation? Was there starvation and privation?
Was lawlessness common? How did we get along without the highest sales tax in Wyoming?
Now more than ever, we need to be discussing "out of the box" solutions to our declining gov't revenues. Re-impose this tax, during this recession and revenues will continue to decline. It's basic economics. Only cutting tax RATES will increase total tax Revenues. Look up JFK and Reagan.
I am sincerely trying to help all of Sheridan. We need to think, instead of blindly, re-imposing the tax policy of the last 20 yrs. It will not work, this time.
This is a time unlike any of us have seen in our lives. We need to fully discuss this issue, not hide behind, "it's the way we've always done it (not) and let's just talk about how to divide the goodies." One percent of nothing is.....?
Remember: Freedom in November



I found the comments on the radio show interesting. The speaker described the discussion on various ways of allocationg the one-percent tax funds, as philosophical.
Actually, discussing various ways for gov't to re-distribute (formerly) private wealth, isn't so much philosphy as it is larceny. Bank robbers goes thru a similiar process, after a successful heist.
A truely philosphical discussion would entail topics such as: Do we prefer "forced taxation" or "voluntary donations", as fund-raising methods? Does "freedom to choose" produce more happiness, than "forced to contribute?"
Which is more "in-keeping" with the philosphy of Liberty: a command economy, or the free market?
Now those are philosphoical questions of true merit and we should be discussing them in earnest.
Also, why is the gov't involved in the home construction business, at all? Where is the justification found in the Wyoming Constitution? I can't seem to lay my finger on the applicable paragraph. And doesn't gov't involvement crowd out private charities and compete with local builders?
Oh and I love the subtle implication that if we don't re-impose the tax, then "dogs will be shot." Old Joe (Stalin) would be so proud. Statist, scare-tactics, all the way into the heartland, at last.
Just letting you know that a growing "tax liberation" freedom movement is paying attention. We are listening and we, increasingly, don't like what we hear.
Now more than ever we need to be talking about the "real issues" surrounding the possible re-imposition of the one-percent tax; not-self-flagilating over how we "share the wealth."
Remember: Freedom in November.


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