Sheridan City Council Back To The Beginning In Police Chief Search

The Sheridan City Council held a special session on Wednesday afternoon and announced that they are going to start the search for a new police chief all over again. The Council issued a statement saying they were pleased with the overall process and had six strong candidates near the end. Mayor Dave Kinskey explains why the City will not hire any candidates who made the final cut.

During this new hiring process all candidates will be informed from the beginning that if they make it to the on-site interview and assessment, they will be required to submit a biography that will be released to the public.

Mayor Kinskey and Human Resources Director Heather Doke agree this new search could take another 3 months to complete. The first step will be to re-advertise the opening for at least one month.

Hire a local person for chief of police

There is not a single valid reason why the police chief can not be hired from within the department. There are many very qualified men and women in this department who can assume the duties of chief. Scott Chandler would be perfect for the job but maybe he does not want to get involved in all the politics of the position. If Kinskey would allow the police chief to actually run the department, then maybe he would not have so much trouble filling the position.

Police Chief

Why was the job not given to Chandle? He seems to be very qualified. Or....did he not put in for it.

As a taxpayer I'm truly

As a taxpayer I'm truly disappointed that Mr. Gillispe was paid over $600.00 in travel reimbusement by the City to come interview and later say "No, thank you." Why can't serious applicants pay their own way here? If they are truly interested in being a part of the community they should invest up front at the opportunity and only be reimbursed if they are appointed by the Mayor and ratified by the Counsel. Poor business policy on behalf of the City.

Police Chief

The finalist candidates were all highly qualified; I know. Sheridan is a destination community; but maybe, just maybe, the politics/government are not a good match for those desiring the autonomy necessary to make progressive and positive change?

Look internal before discounting external! Maybe the first step is to address style of government (Strong Mayoral vs City Manager)? Leaders (Chiefs/Directors) want/need to know they are supported; not tied to the politics of current/former community stakeholders/leaders.

Leaders want to feel they have the ability to implement positive change without the cloud of election, new leadership, politics waning over there heads at all times.

Sheridan and the Sheridan Police Department has a ton of potential; but none of this will be realized without first changing the governmental blueprint.

Did anyone think that maybe

Did anyone think that maybe it was not the decision of Kinskey or the City Council and that maybe the highly qualified applicants did not take the position.

Totally agree with

Totally agree with you!
These people are just guessing what happened and have no facts.
Maybe if they left their house once in a while and stepped into the real world, got some sun, they would be a little more intelligent.....I said "maybe"...and "little".

No way.

Absolutely not. It is crazy to think that way. Around here all we want to do is believe that Kinskey is corrupt and manipulative because that is easy. If we are not given clear answers to our questions we will formulate our own based on past experiences. Now tell me in your own opinion. Is it more fun to talk about boring aplication processes that are on the level, or about an exotic corrupt local government where the people in power are always doing dirty deeds? If only we had a tv show.....


I don't believe kinskey is

I don't believe kinskey is corrupt and manipulative,I know he is. This latest police chief fiasco is yet another example of kinskey playing his typical games.And yet again the taxpayer will pick up the tab.There's nothing exotic about kinskey,he's a common criminal.And the checks and balance of city council that should be in place, aren't.Because you have councilman like ketcham who own businesses that owe their exsistance to kinskey and his city contracts.Or people like bigelow who have followed kinskey all over the country since childhood.

First you'd have to find something that kinskey has done on the level.Wether it be his tactics used to screw the three smaller communities out of cap tax,or his latest game of trying to select a pacifist for police chief that he can control.

It's obvious that the six candidates are good judges of character,since all of them figured out that after speaking with kinskey there was no way they could work for him.The turn over rate alone at the PD,supports this.

Cap tax comment

While it was the Sheridan City Council who decided not to agree to a modification of the Capital Facilities Tax dispersement schedule, they did not "screw three smaller communities out of cap tax." It's unfortunate that they chose not to forgo the two months of capital facilities tax receipts to allow the smaller communities to get a lion's share of their allocations up front, as had been the practice in the past. It would have been a nice thing to do and show support for surrounding communities. But Dayton, Ranchester, and Clearmont will get their full allocation of funds, just at the same rate as everyone else.

It is getting very old and tiring to continue to see you stating untrue opinions as fact. You can think whatever you like about our City, County, State, and National representatives. You are more than welcome to share those opinions on this forum, but please stop justifying your opinions with blatantly untrue statements.

Heck ya, Gillespie seen he

Heck ya, Gillespie seen he was going to be put between the public he was to going to have to protect, and a mayor who had his own agenda..

I think Gillespie's wife stepped in and said "no thank you"


Police Chief

Well maybe the Council and Mayor will look at the qualified canidates in the Police Department this time. Highly doubtful but we can dream!

only one good thing

One good thing and only one good thing is to be seen in this. We were all up in arms because we had no clue who the 6 were or their backgrounds even to the point that it went in front of a judge. According to the new SheridanMedia report, the new applicants have been told forthright that if they make it to the final review that they will have to provide a biography for the public to see. Granted I'm sure that the backgrounds might be whitewashed to provide Kinsky's requirements...but at least we get to see who and where these finalists are and come from and might get an idea of what they can do for the I said ONLY 1 good point the rest is BULL!

Nothings changed,the final

Nothings changed,the final candidates all provided biography's last time.The issue the press has,is the public should have access to the names of all applicants.Not just those that make it to a final interview.Just more rhetoric from kinskey trying to make it look like there will be more transparency,when in fact it's just the same old dictatorship.

Card will be tough to replace.A yes man like card only comes along once in a while,which kinskey has already found out the hard way.Card was a relationship that was cultivated years before,when both he and kinskey lived in california.

It'll be fine in the end.The taxpayers of sheridan have plenty of money,to provide plane tickets and lodging to candidates,so kinskey can continue the search for a police chief that will let kinskey be the acting chief of police.

police chief

What did I read in tonights paper- of all the candidates that applied It came down to the mayor offering the job to a guy from California ! WHO WOULD HAVE EVER GUESSED.

Not only is gillespie from

Not only is gillespie from california.But if you remember,he was the only candidate conveniantly with a picture available here on sheridan media,before the big group hug picture of all the candidates was made available.

It was all just coincidence though.

Kurt already explained why?

Kurt already explained why? Last time you tried to pass that agenda.
Gawd, you are annoying with your agendas.

Why were the 6 finalists

Why were the 6 finalists unacceptable? If they were unacceptable then why were they finalists and who decided that? Has anyone ever looked deeply into Kinskeys background?

What a Waste

What a disgrace, tax payers don't deserve to pay for incompetence! Pretty pathetic explanation of why someone wasn't hired. If they made it to the final 6 they obviously weren't that bad, but then the council decides the remaining candidates who didn't withdraw weren't good enough??? Why put them in the final 6 in the first place for crying out loud. Sounds like the problem lies with the council not the candidates!

Yet another example of what

Yet another example of what 161 votes gets you.KINSKEY.

Yes,you had six candidates none of which would allow kinskey to be police chief,so they weren't hired.The search for another yes man is on its way.

Chandler was appointed interim chief,only after the city approached every department in wyoming for an interim candidate and were turned down completely.

This whole process is yet another example of how pathetic city council really is.You don't have a city council.You have nothing but 5 bozo's that will do anything and vote any way kinskey tells them to.And you the public allow this to go on repeatedly.

Cite your source, please.

I would love to know how you came by the information that the city approached other communities looking for an interim chief. I have trouble believing that statement, because you are not even accurate on the number of City Council members. There are seven, total. Mayor Kinskey and 6 others, not 5. The information that I've received says that the City Council appointed Captain Chandler as interim chief when they realized they were not going to have a new chief hired by the time Chief Card had completed his employment. So please, cite your source.

Really, this clown recieved

Really, this clown recieved more than half the votes!

But they all said they were

But they all said they were excited about making Sheridan their home? Just like Card was excited about making Sheridan his home? I mean the ever brilliant committee with an out of State Chief from Gillette and Mr. Bigalow looked for all the right qualifications- what went wrong? At least Sheridan dodged the bullet of letting someone who grew up here, has a family here, has roots here, has deep department and community roots with a bachelors and extinguished law enforcement history being the chief and not costing us tax payers thousands and thousands of dollars- thanks City Hall for dodging that bullet.

When we are in interviews we

When we are in interviews we ALL say things that make us sound better to get the job.
"ya, i could see myself working here" blah blah.
The fact that they said they were excited to make Sheridan their homes is SMART interviewing.
You guys are just pulling arguments out your rears.

Police Chief

How much more it this going to cost the taxpayers? Maybe they should give the job to Captain Scott Chandler, who has now been given the honor of being the interim Police Chief twice. Just a thought.


How much is this costing us? I take this to mean that the months and months spent looking for a police chief has ended in abject failure. I am quite angry as a tax payer that we are paying these city employees a salary (one would think they are being paid by the hour) and these people failed us. What if this next round of looking for a police chief fails? How long and how much money are we going to spend on this process?


Absolutely stunning news. On paper you had six highly qualified candidates and now we are back at square one? All of this time spent and they don't even get narrowed down to the three finalist?

Someone has some explaining to do. How much manpower, time and money has been spent over the last few months in this process?

It makes one wonder how competent those are who are involved in this hiring process. Unbelievable.

Just wondering

Does anyone have the figures on exactly how much money the first round cost the taxpayers?

Is the audio working for everyone else?

I tried to listen to the Kinskey audio clip and it said the file couldn't be found. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

It worked OK for me

It worked OK for me

Who'd have thought.Six

Who'd have thought.Six candidates with distinguished back grounds and none them willing to be kinskeys yes man.

Candidates not only highly qualified, also intelligent

You hit the nail on the head RJones. It's refreshing to see people with backbones stand up to Kinskey and refuse to do everything on Kinskey's terms. He's still in office thanks to the many spineless cowards who live here and the pushovers sitting on City Council. Sheridan's finest, indeed.



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