Sheridan City Council To Address Several Key Issues Tonight

The Sheridan City Council will meet for their first meeting of March tonight. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey says that they will receive an update on the City's financial outlook.

The Council will also address a data center cost reduction grant through the Wyoming Business Council.

Another item the Council will consider is the formation of a Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. The Sheridan City Council will meet tonight at 7 o'clock in Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of City Hall. The meeting will also be broadcast live on AM 1410 KWYO.

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I love the thought of a real

I love the thought of a real data center in Sheridan. I do hope something works out, I manage data centers around the world and this is exciting stuff for Sheridan, The thing I don't understand is why a business would want to co-locate data in a remote area. When we set up an IDC it has to have a very strategic location.. Most big companies do have remote offices but backhaul all their data traffic up to a major IDC that is close to a core backbone..

This data center is a

This data center is a joke.It's nothing but Councilman Mulholland using his elected position to do everything from annex the very property that the business will sit on,to getting your tax dollars in grant form to run the center.

If this data center was half as viable as Kinskey and Mulholland are trying to paint it as,there would be private sector investors crawling all over it.Not to mention someone with real business talent would have already opened a data center.

This data center is nothing but a city councilman/ex sheriffs deputy and two IT techs from the city and county trying to create a private business by using your tax dollars to do so.

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