Sheridan Area Water Supply Board Considers Eliminating Administrator

Some sources say the economy is starting to turn around but the effects are not limited to consumers. The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board is certainly feeling the crunch. The up and down changes in rates over the last two years are a prime example. The Board held a special meeting last night to determine whether the they can afford to continue employing two full time staff. Board Member Dave Kinskey says currently the board pays over $150,000 annually for an administrator and executive assistant.

The Board has been advertising for an administrator and will consider the applications they’ve received during executive session at their next board meeting. That assumes the board decides not to eliminate the position. The regular scheduled meeting is set for next Wednesday, October 14th.

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This will be where kinskey

This will be where kinskey reverses himself at the next meeting and claims that the administrator position is critical to the saws.

The city would love to get ahold of SAWS and force people onto city taps.

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