Shawn Osborne Takes the Stand

Shawn Osborne Takes the Stand

After the State rested their case in the 1st Degree Murder Trial of Shawn Osborne late Wednesday morning, the defendant took the stand in his defense. Osborne's Defense Attorney Robert Jones asked him to describe the events leading up to the alleged murder of Gerald Bloom on January 15th, 2010. Osborne said that he had been drinking heavily with friends on the evening of the 14th, and that he had actually taken the prescription drug Adderall so that he could party well into the night. He stated that he and David Widiker-Fausett arrived at the mobile home where he was staying at 1075 Bellevue somewhere between 2:30 and 3 am.

Osborne testified that his memory had begun to fail him earlier in the night due to his excessive drinking. Osborne stated that he remembered becoming agitated about his money situation, and the fact that Bloom had owed him $20. He went on to explain that he remembered entering the room with Widiker-Fausett where Bloom was sleeping, and that he wrestled with Bloom just before putting him in a rear naked choke hold, which made Bloom lose consciousness.

The last thing Osborne said that he remembered about the incident was seeing Widiker-Fausset stomp on Bloom's head with his foot. He testified that his next memory was being in the living room and hearing Dee Himes yell hysterically “who went out the window?" Himes was alluding to the fact that after WIdiker-Fausset had allegedly witnessed Osborne slit and stab Bloom's throat, he had jumped out of the window and circled around the trailer and re-entered it through the front door. Osborne also testified that Widiker-Fausset assisted him in putting Bloom's body in a red sleeping bag, and that he helped him put the body underneath the trailer in a crawlspace adjacent to the front porch.

Osborne also said that later that morning when they had met for breakfast at the Silver Spur, Dee Himes had stated to him that she would let him and Widiker-Fausset use her truck to get rid of the body, and that they had discussed going up Red Grade Road and disposing of the body in the Big Horn Mountains.

During cross-examination, Prosecuting Attorney Matt Redle asked Osborne about when his memory problems began on the night of the 14th, to which the defendant replied by saying that his memory began getting fuzzy around 8:30 or 9 pm that evening at the home of his girlfriend, Jesse Sears. Redle also asked the defendant if he had remembered stating to Widiker-Fausset that he was going to kill Gerald Bloom, to which Osborne replied “no.” Redle followed up by asking if that meant that he didn't say it, and Osborne responded by saying “no.”

Redle also questioned the validity of the defendant's memory problems by pointing out that his memory was fairly clear just before entering Bloom's bedroom, and even more clear after the alleged crime when he explained in detail how he and Widiker-Fausset put the body into the sleeping bag and under the trailer. Closing arguments in the 1st Degree Murder Trial will take place this morning.

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uh, why are the others

uh, why are the others involved still walking out in society. One of them stomped on his head and then Himes offered her truck to dispose of the body? hello!? These people play a part in this horrible crime of MURDER!

The 'Others"

The entire County is wondering the same thing! Of course, the criminals friends are the exception. They will be piping up soon after this is posted.

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