Sharing His Message of Hope

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Sharing His Message of Hope

Randolph Westphal is on a mission. His message is a message of hope. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott caught up to Westphal and brings us this story.

Randolph Westphal is biking across America and Canada telling his story of hope wherever he goes. Cancer-stricken in 1987, at age 29, Westphal, a young man who didn't drink or smoke, faced a crossroads. Statistics said he had six to twelve months to live, Westphal, a resident of Germany, could stay depressed or press onward.

Crossing Canada on his bike, Westphal was asked by a doctor to share his story to cancer patients there. The doctor said Westphal could help.

Westphal has faced bears, wolves, repeated cancer, MRSA, and has been run over left for dead, but he pedals on, sharing his story.

He says healing begins in the mind. Doctors don't have the answer; pharmacies don't have the cure...but we must fight.

Westphal pedals on. His last cancer operations was in 1996 and he says, “The greatest gift God has given us is the gift of life. The greatest loss is to return it unopened.”

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