SHAC Updates City Council During Work Session

Kyle Williams (left), and Karin Spann from SHAC make a presentation to the Sheridan City Council at a work session.
Kyle Williams (left), and Karin Spann from SHAC make a presentation to the Sheridan City Council at a work session.

Representatives with the Sheridan Housing Action Committee provided the Sheridan City Council with an update on their activities during a work session Monday. SHAC Executive Director Karin Spann stated to the Council that SHAC would like to do an updated community wide survey along with one that is more specific to a certain area of Sheridan.

Spann said that she would like to have both studies complete by the first of the year. Taking over the affordable housing branch of the Sheridan County Land Trust was also discussed during the work session.

Spann also indicated to the Council that SHAC is looking at the possibility of rehabbing existing homes, as there is grant money available if they wish to pursue that endeavor. Spann stated that by this time next year, SHAC will have extended over $1 million in down payment and closing cost assistance to more than 60 home buyers by working with local lenders and realtors since its inception in 2004.

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SHAC is a progressive program

For a community the size of Sheridan to have a non-profit entity such as SHAC operating as it does, is in my opinion a very progressive and successful program. Kudos to the City Council or whomever it was that started this program in the first place.

Communities twice the size of Sheridan generally focus far less on affordable housing opportunities let alone have the forthought to do so with a non-governmental not-for-profit agency such as is the case with SHAC. Most Cities have onerous Redevelopment or Community Development Agencies to focus on low/mod housing development programs that are far less cost effective and succesful than SHAC has proven to be for Sheridan. This is pretty smart and creative for a municipality to do. It places the burdon for much needed housing development on the private sector without needlessly expanding government services with additional public employees and their outragous wage and benefit packages.

Too bad Forward Sheridan can't post a success record as SHAC did to the Council on Monday.


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