Sewage Lift Station Half Complete

Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery
Buffalo City Planner Zach Montgomery

The sewage lift station project on Highway 16 East at Cowboy Town is nearly half complete. Johnson County News Director for Sheridan Media, Aaron Palmer, has more.

City Planner Zach Montgomery gave an update to the Buffalo City Council last Tuesday. He explains what a lift station does.

Montgomery said the lift station will be located between the Exxon station and the visitor's center. The City has obtained an easement for the lift station. He said the City has annexed property in the area and will probably annex more in the future. Montgomery added that putting the properties on city sewer lines is better from a health standpoint.

In addition to the actual installation of the lift station, work under Highway 16 for power to the structure still needs to be done, Montgomery said. Boring underneath the highway must be completed for an underground conduit to provide electricity to the lift station.

Montgomery indicated that the project is expected to be completed in the next 120 days -- that is, if the weather cooperates.

The cost of the construction phase of the project is nearly $270,000, which does not include the cost of building the actual lift station. Grants from the Wyoming Business Council have helped offset the costs of the project. A final tally of the cost of the project will be available after completion.

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