Several Dayton Residents Air Their Concerns About The Town's Raw Water System

The Dayton Town Council met for their final meeting of August Wednesday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has the details.

Dayton residents Cliff Reed and Carol Lucas voiced their concerns about the Town's raw water system, expressing their displeasure in not having the option to choose if they want the tap or not. Both felt that the fee for the tap was too high, and that the Town didn't do a good enough job communicating with the community about the project.

The Council, along with Mayor Bob Wood, feel that that simply isn't the case, as the ordinance required three readings before going into effect, and the Town held a public meeting to get residents up to speed on the raw water system.

The raw water system will provide non-potable water for lawn watering and irrigation purposes during the summer months. There are 354 taps that will be hooked up into the system, and each resident with a tap will be charged $10 a month in addition to their regular water bill.

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one more example of the Bull$^*!

This is another shining example of California Bob ruining another thing about Dayton! We had to drill a water well several years ago, now we have the WORST WATER EVER! Boil it or let it sit and you will have more white calcium or someother forien subject build up you can't scrape it off or use lime away to get rid of it! Our town water use to be tastey now it's warm and unsavory! WE had to have our FREE TAPS that will cost us $120 a year but I'm sure more in the future! Bobble head Bob needs to go back to California wence he came! The damage has already been done!

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