Senator Enzi Introduces Bonds Bill

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi
U.S. Senator Mike Enzi

U.S Senator Mike Enzi recently introduced the Buy Back America Bonds Act Friday in hopes of bringing the $4.4 trillion in foreign-held debt back into American hands, giving Americans the opportunity to directly invest in their country and buy back America’s debt from countries like China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. 

The Bonds Act would direct the Treasury Department to issue a new series of bonds only available to American citizens.

Enzi said the bonds would be sold in increments of $25 to ensure all Americans can invest in our nation and do their part to bring America’s debt back home.

Unlike war bonds issued in the 1940's, Buy Back America Bonds would be tied to inflation and would not lose their value.

However, Buy Back America Bonds investors would know the exact fixed-interest rate they are locking into on the day of purchase, compared to Series I Bonds, where the rate is assigned from the next cycle. Inflation would be adjusted annually according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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