Senator Enzi Gains Ideas From Buffalo Listening Session

Senator Enzi Gains Ideas From Buffalo Listening Session

US Senator from Wyoming Michael Enzi held one of his scheduled “listening sessions” in Buffalo on Friday, asking locals to tell him what they felt he and the rest of Washington, DC need to concentrate their efforts on.

About 50 people packed themselves into the reading room at the Johnson County Library Friday morning to do just that.

Six people were able to speak during the session, that lasted just over an hour. The subjects raised ranged from concern over Congress asking Federal employees to bear the brunt of offsetting the debt through elimination of raises, retirement and other benefits, to questions of whether or not congress is exempt from Obamacare.

Claudia Clark of Buffalo, who said she was independent, said she is not impressed with Republicans at the moment, and feels they should work for the people and not their party.
She would like to see a jobs bill; immigration reform; tax code reform; more background checks on firearms purchases; Republicans to stop trying to repeal Obamacare; and for Congress to end sequestration.

Medicaid cuts for disabilities was also brought up and those attending wanted Enzi to look into the issue and become familiar with it.

Constitutional amendments were also discussed, with ideas on tax reform, term limits for Federal representatives and mandatory balanced budgets among others.

Enzi then spoke, briefly addressed each issue that was brought up, and thanked everyone for the “idea Bank” as he called it, that he could take back to Washington DC to try to implement.

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