Senator Enzi Feels The Reid Health Care Bill Will Mean Fewer Jobs, More Taxes And Higher Health Care Costs

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi gave a speech on the Senate floor Friday that outlined the deficiencies in the $2.5 trillion Reid health care bill. Enzi also spoke with a group of Republicans at a news conference later in the day where he pointed out the flaws of the Reid health care bill and the increased taxes it calls for.

The Senate is scheduled to vote tonight on a procedural vote on the Reid health care bill that would move forward with discussion on the legislation.

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When the majority of the

When the majority of the nation want a NO vote that's what you do I guess... Ya, we all want heathcare, but the bills that any republican puts up is cut down.

Another no vote...

Republicans have a pretty tough job these days. Just say no to everything. Walk away and let the democrats decide what's good for the country. Republicans don't have the majority any more. Sticking your head in the sand won't make it any better. Step up or step aside.

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