Senator Enzi Continues To Support Education Reform

At a U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing Wednesday, Senator Mike Enzi continued championing greater flexibility for rural schools and better balancing of federal mandates with local control.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke at the hearing and also fielded questions from members from the HELP Committee. The HELP Committee is considering the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which is better known as the No Child Left Behind Act.

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I stand up for Enzi

Enzi has been one of our better Senators that we have seen in DC from our state. Sen. Barasso is another one that has done outstanding job. They listen to the Wyoming People. Unlike those democrat senators they just do what the Obama wants. Thats why we are in such a deep hole.

What Bush Wanted

I like the senator, and may vote for him next time he comes up for reelection. However I think he was more than happy to follow the party line when his man was in office. I'm pretty sure he voted for the patriot act and went along with what at the time were record deficits. I'd like to know if he voted for medicare part D and no child left behind.


Sen. Enzi should go back to selling shoes! He did a great job at that, and provided a service that allowed people to use math skills aquired in school.(the classic foot measuring gadgit)Now and since RTard Regan turned our economy into a service based sector we are all dummied down!Excuse me, if you graduated after the early eighties you got dummied down but not as dumb as the kids are today! Take away the video games and all that other BS and put work back into school as well as work ethic, morals and of course the PADDLE! When they took that away the mice staerted to play and haven't stopped or learned nothin since!.....except how to be a puke! Now this does not go out to all the kids just the ones who's parents and or gaurdians gave them a right to entitlement that they have yet to earn! Learn to earn! Whine to decline!

The best part about that

The best part about that whole paragraph is all the spelling errors. Kids today might be “dummied down” but at least most know how to use spell check on a computer. The maybe be “dummied down” in your views but maybe you should think of it as smarter than you but in a different way. Technology changes and so does the learning.

"No child left behind"

"No child left behind" should be allowed to expire. What we have ended up with is a large federal involvement in local schools, with teachers now geared towards teaching kids to pass a test as opposed to real learning. Let's remember that this is the same federal government that has spent social security and medicare into the ground and can't manage to catch Osama Bin Laden nine years after 911. The answer to our problems is not the federal government, be it under democrats or republicans.

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