Senator Enzi Continues To Speak Out Against Reid Health Care Bill

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi joined Republican leadership, the Chamber of Commerce and over 70 business leaders from across the country this week to discuss how the Reid health care bill will eliminate jobs and bury small businesses under an avalanche of new regulations.

Enzi says that a piece of legislation this important shouldn't be rushed.

Enzi referred to a report released by the official budget scorekeepers at the Department of Health and Human Services that warns that the Reid health care bill would drive up health insurance premiums, increase total health spending and jeopardize access to care for seniors on Medicare.

Enzi said that higher costs and cuts to Medicare are not the reforms the American people want and need.

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Wyoming representatives

As our 3 representatives continue to express their's and their party views, it becomes apparent that we again have sent the wrong people to represent the people of Wyoming. No longer can they be trusted to do the people needs and we should remember this at the next election. Loyalty to the special interests is not the accepted way of life in America.

I agree. He has no clue.

I agree. He has no clue.

Enzi has been one of the

Enzi has been one of the worst politicians wyoming has had.He got his start as a crooked Mayor in gillette.He implemented a city administrator so he could bypass the democratic process.Kinskey tried to follow in his footsteps and implement a city administrator,luckily a small group of people got it on a ballot and shut kinskey down.


It's nice to know that we have a representative that is in this thing for more than just padding his pockets and those of Capital Hill and the Big name Insurance companies...I don't know what Puddle Jumper was reading and listening to, but it sure as heck wasn't this article. Enzi doesn't care about the politics or the hand in the back pocket pay. He cares about seeing that the public is allowed to know what their representatives are supposed to be signing into law. He cares about the people of Wyoming getting a fair break. Capital Hill wants this bill to be just like the last "money building" bill....something that's over 1000 pages long with nothing but repetative BS and ways to tax the heck out of the Citizens of the USA. We all have a right to know what it is that Capital Hill is putting into effect since it effects us...and that's all Enzi is saying. Has anyone ever truly wondered why the Government is so hell bent on getting this thing passed so quickly? It most definitely isn't because they have our best interest in mind people! If this thing goes through we are no doubt looking at a Government run, limited interest, limited cost, and medically ineffective way of requiring every United States citizen to carry medical insurance. What I want to know is this, since it's to be required...what's the penelty (besides the obvious) of not obtaining this insurance and letting Uncle Sam control our lives in more ways than one? Enzi has it right...don't rush this dang thing. If it were honestly meant for the good of the country they would hash it out until everyone agrees, and I don't just mean Capital Hill and Obama's "Yes" men and women...I mean EVERYONE, including the well informed country itself...they would hide nothing. People, don't be lambs for the slaughter so willingly...the ultimate result of this passing is simply if you have a disease, pray you die quickly....and for other's simply pray you don't get ill at all. It has been placed in the bill that there will be no "unlimited" benefits for people like those suffering from cancer, needing rehab, etc. Don't you want what is your right? Don't you want to read those words, supposedly written for the betterment of the country as a whole, for yourself? That's all Enzi is saying. I, for one, want to know how the government plans on dictating me from this point on.

J. S. Luckjohn

The Wyoming delegation:

The Wyoming delegation: "Just say no." Bankrupt on ideas. Can only feel empowered by blocking any attempt to move forward on changes America needs.

It is so sad to see Enzi

It is so sad to see Enzi putting the well being of the insurance companies before the good of the people. He clearly does not care about Wyomingites.

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