Senator Burns Comments On How Things Are Going At GOP Convention

Wyoming Senator Bruce Burns
Wyoming Senator Bruce Burns

Organizing and planning for the Wyoming State Republican Convention began many months ago, and all indications are that things are going pretty well early on. We caught up with State Senator Bruce Burns at the Holiday Inn to get his thoughts on the convention thus far.

Burns said that like him, most of the local officials that are involved are mostly focused on making sure the convention itself runs smoothly and that all the candidates are treated fairly during their time here.

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I think i heard Landen is not running again? My Burns and the other diluted republicans should consider another profession.. oh wait do they even have one?

Voting record speaks for itself !!!

Burns, Landen, Larson, Schiffer & Scott
all voted against Health Care Freedom in Wyoming, these are all GOP Senators. Their RINO voting records speaks for itself. When you vote against your own platform you pretty much ask for questioning from your constituents!

In the house GOP Rep Petersen also voted against Health Care freedom.

Not only do we need Health Care Freedom in Wyoming, we need freedom from.....

R. epublicans I. n N. ame O. nly !!!

S.J. No. 0001
Health freedom of choice.

Sponsored By: Senator(s) Hines, Anderson, J., Bebout and Case and Representative(s) Hallinan and Lubnau

A JOINT RESOLUTION proposing to amend the Wyoming Constitution by creating a new section specifying that the federal government shall not interfere with an individual's health care decisions and prohibiting any penalty, fine or tax imposed because of a decision to participate in or decline health insurance, or to pay directly or receive payment directly for health care services.

1/26/2010 Bill Number Assigned

2/8/2010 S Received for Introduction

2/9/2010 S Failed Introduction

Ayes: Senator(s) Anderson, J., Bebout, Case, Coe, Cooper, Dockstader, Geis, Hines, Hunnicutt, Jennings, Johnson, Meier, Nicholas, Perkins, Peterson, Ross, Townsend and Von Flatern

Nays: Senator(s) Burns, Elliott, Esquibel, F., Hastert, Landen, Larson, Martin, Massie, Meyer, Schiffer, Scott and Sessions

Ayes 18 Nays 12 Excused 0 Absent 0 Conflicts 0

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