Sen. Enzi on Fiscal Cliff Deal: 'Much More to be Done'

Sen. Enzi on Fiscal Cliff Deal: 'Much More to be Done' (Photo by Chris Foy)
Sen. Enzi on Fiscal Cliff Deal: 'Much More to be Done' (Photo by Chris Foy)

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican, issued a statement Wednesday on the recent passage of a bill to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. The Senate ultimately passed the measure in a vote of 89 to 8 and the House of Representatives passed it in a vote of 257 to 167.

Senator Enzi says while the deal has its shortcomings, its passage provides certainty to American taxpayers and helps to stabilize the nation's fiscal outlook. The multi-pronged piece of legislation locks in individual tax rates for many Americans, but it also extends tax breaks for film and television companies that shoot primarily in the states, for example.

Enzi says raising taxes aren't the "magic wand" to make $1 trillion in deficits and the $16 trillion and growing national debt disappear - especially when all it does is pay for more federal spending.

He says the fiscal cliff deal was an important first step in getting the nation's finances in order, but there's much more to be done.

For months, Enzi says backroom deals between a "gang" of a select few in Washington have limited input from a majority of legislators - and the American public. The senator says including more in the decision-making process would lead to more progress sooner.

Every day we wait, Enzi says, and every chance we ignore, leaves us with less options for ensuring a quality of life for future generations.

In his statement, Enzi says each member of the legislature was elected to represent the voices of their constituents and they should all have a say in this process, not just a select few.

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