Seminar Explores Behavior

Lynn Gordon presented the program. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Lynn Gordon presented the program. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Counselor Lynn Gordon says there really are differences between men and women – and the differences aren't just physical.

She told those at yesterday's Brown Bag luncheon that brain structure, hormones and culture all factor into why men do not behave the way women do, and vice versa. She told her audience that men tend to miss the nuances, and stressed the importance of communication.

The counselor defined the “jobs” of men and women in terms of our ancestors. Men, overall, have more muscles and are stronger, so one of their tasks is to set up camp. They are the idea people, she said, the ones who know order, and they are competitive. Women take care of the camp – or the home. They are the ones who propagate the species, who provide nurturing. She said the feminist movement of the 1970s encouraged men to be more nurturing, but women typically still do more of that than men.

Gordon is with the local Family & Personal Counseling Center, and her Brown Bag Seminars are held Wednesdays, over the lunch hour, at Sheridan College's facilities on Main Street. Seminars are free and open to the public, and start at 12:10. Attendees are invited to bring their lunches to the event. Next week's seminar will be on co-dependency.

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