Selection Of New Police Chief Still Not Done

Today is the last day on the job for outgoing Sheridan Police Chief Mike Card and the City of Sheridan still has not hired his replacement. The selection process has been highly scrutinized and there was legal action taken to secure the release of the final 6 candidates names. Plans called for the City to narrow the field to three candidates shortly after the interview process with the finalists earlier this month. However, that has not happened yet. City Council President John Bigelow appointed an interim police chief yesterday for Mayor Dave Kinskey, who is on vacation.

The City is currently conducting background checks on the remaining candidates but they will not say how many of them are still in consideration for the position. They have also not released the names of those who have made the latest cut, or if one has been made.

Bigelow simply said the process is still ongoing. Neither the Mayor or City Human Resources department has indicated when they expect to announce the appointment of the new police chief.

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Kinskey's future

All I've seen on here is Kinskey Bashing...Open season as it were...and don't get me wrong, I agree....what I want to see now is action! Put your vote where your mouth is and DON'T PUT THE MAN BACK IN OFFICE NEXT TERM PPL!!! Let's get someone who cares about the city and knows how not to spend rediculous amounts of monty on things such as foreign weeds at the end of North Main to make it beautiful! UGH! Let's get someone who knows what to do with the little funding we do get and deals with it correctly and cares about what the citizens want....not just his "yes men" on the board!!!

I think the key would be, to

I think the key would be, to get three of your friends to not vote for Kinskey, and ask them to each get three of their friends to not vote for him... Should be that simple....


In this case getting a

In this case getting a police chief from outside of town is the only way Kinskey can insure he gets someone that will allow kinskey to be the actual person in charge of the police department.Card is a prime example of a kinskey puppet.

That's why Kinskey and Bigelow have solicited outside resources like PERF.PERF is nothing but a clearing house or temp service,that provides temporary police administrators to Mayors like Kinskey who want a police chief that will follow the mayors wishes rather then whats right.

Kinskeys at a dead end here.He's dealing with veteran police officers with Type A personalities and expecting them to turn coward and follow his spineless lead.

The process is still on

The process is still on going until Kinskey can find a yes man,who kinskey can control.Pretty tough to find a yes man like Card.

The city is even using PERF which is nothing but a temp service for police chiefs and administrators.Problem is the candidates that have PERF in their backgrounds won't let kinskey run the police department.


I think the next Police Chief should have been promoted from within the ranks. They are a very qualified bunch, and I have no doubt that any of them would have done a great job. The Mayor just wants ANOTHER "yes" man. Good luck to all the officers and staff at the PD.


You apparently have a very low standard for what constitutes as being "qualified".

Getting a Police Chief from

Getting a Police Chief from outside the network is always the best way to avoid running into "Good ole Boys" issues..

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