SEEDA Eyes Possible Partnership With Forward Sheridan

The Sheridan Economic and Education Development Authority Joint Powers Board was formed to oversee the creation of the Hand in Hand Early Childhood Education Center. SEEDA is comprised of officials from the City of Sheridan, the Northern Wyoming Community College District and Sheridan County School District Two. Now that Hand in Hand Center is up and running, SEEDA is looking to keep the wheels moving by forming a partnership with Forward Sheridan.

That's Vice President of Enrollment Services for the College District Mark Englert, who is also one of the SEEDA members representing the College.

Englert says that before the partnership ship can be created, all parties involved need to be in the loop.

Earlier this week, SEEDA and Forward Sheridan asked the NWCCD Board of Trustees for their approval of the partnership. The Board tabled the matter so that their Attorney Hayden Heaphy could go over the memorandum of understanding before offering legal advice on the issue.

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seeda and forward sheridan

While both entities may be worthwhile, tying them together causes issues down the road should either entity fail. They should stand alone rather than connected as their functions are not the same. It sounds more like by tying them together it makes it more difficult to eliminate one or the other should they have problems.

Whats going on here,is SEEDA

Whats going on here,is SEEDA is broke.They have no money.Forward Sheridan however with Kinskey as a board member,gets $100k a year from sheridan taxpayers,plus they asked for another $100k this upcoming year,to bring them up to $200k a year,plus the county gives them $20k a year,which they'll probably try to hit up the county for $40k this upcoming year.

And when it comes right down to it,foward sheridan has yet to do anything,other then beg for tax dollars which kinskey quickly gives them.

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