Second Round Of Auditions For Civic Theater Guild Play Are Tonight

With an 11-member cast, auditions have already begun for a Sheridan Civic Theater Guild upcoming production. Director Ann Quick explains just what the play is.

Monday night was the first night of auditions; however, Quick said that there are auditions scheduled for tonight at 7 o'clock at the Carriage House Theater and that those who missed last night's auditions are more than welcome to come by tonight. Rehearsals will begin November 2nd, and performances of “Drop Dead” will begin at the Carriage House Theater in mid-January of 2010.

and another thing

Sorry to keep clogging up your site with my search for Donna. I took another look at my posting and didn't realize my email address would not be included.

Please contact me at

Thanks again for any help.

Please help me find an old friend

I have a friend who I've been trying to locate for years. At the time she was a Guild member, she went by the name Donna Cohen. I just found some old clippings she sent me; perhaps these will help. She directed a production of "Same Time, Next Year" with Jayne Jenkins and Richard Ruyle but I don't know the year. I also have a clipping that she won Best Supporting Actress as Mrs. Elgin in "Status Quo Vadis?".

[ content removed by Sheridan Media ]

Is she still around? Anyone know her current address? I haven't spoken with her for at least 10 years and haven't seen her for about 30! I would really like to contact her again, so any help any Guild members can give would be really appreciated.

From a Boston thesp, many thanks.

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