Search For New Police Chief In Sheridan Continues

The search to replace Sheridan Police Chief Mike Card continues as the City has been working diligently to find the most qualified applicant. Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey explains how the process is being handled.

The Mayor says that the community will have a chance to get involved in the process as well.

Kinskey said that they'd like to have a new Chief on board by the end of the year. Chief Card's last day with the Sheridan Police Department will be December 31st.

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Maybe Mr. Mayor will find a

Maybe Mr. Mayor will find a way to cause all sorts of controversy the way he did when the Rocky Mountain Rescue/Sheridan Fire Rescue thing was going down. I have some ideas on how he could do that, he could hire Blackwater for a police force. I hear they do a great job overseas giving protection. How about we just police ourselves, ya know write a ticket when we do something wrong. Everyone in Sheridan seems to think they are perfect so why do we need a police force or chief?

If you've read the

If you've read the paper,you'll notice that kinskey couldn't find anybody spineless enough to fill the chief position from within the department.So now he's enlisted the help of the police chief from Gillette Richard Adriaens.

Amazing how Bigelow and Kinskey both moved from gillette to sheridan prior to taking office's here.And now you've got bigelow involved in the picking of a new police chief with the help of another gillette resident Richard adriaens.

Funny how bigelow is the only council member to have an office in city hall even though there's no excuse for him to even have one,also funny how bigelow is the only council member that is on this chief hiring board.

What's even more pathetic is the fact that bigelow has been friends with kinskey since child hood and amazingly found his way onto city council after o'leary resigned his position on council,after kinskey gave o'leary a job within the city.Then of course that left a brand new city council seat open and because council appoints councilman to vacated seats per law.Kinskey was then able to put his buddy bigelow in the office.

It's worth noting that dave

It's worth noting that dave couldn't find a yes man from within the department.

Dave won

Mayor dave won the last election, I guess he does indeed get to pick the new Chief. Contravercy sure seem's to follow him around.

Police Chief

There are lots of folks involved in this. And in no way is Chief Card a YES man to Dave. I know Chief Card personally. He has worked hard to make improvements to the Police Department. Ongoing training for all Officers, Dispatchers, and Administrative Staff..

The officers have not realized that. They are the ones that want a YES man for a chief. They want to be able to run over the chief to get what they want..

The officers have gotten updated equipment and a majority of them have new cars..

Card and kinskey both lived

Card and kinskey both lived together in the same community in California and were friends there.When it came time for kinskey to appoint a yes man as chief,he already had Card picked out.Card and Kinskey are or were next door neighbors in the Mountain Shadows subdivision.It's a real cozy relationship.They had the fire chief living in there with them also at one time.

The police officers of sheridan quickly realized that Card was nothing but an extention of kinskey and couldn't be trusted.

One only has to have sat through a city council meeting to see what a yes man card was.All conversations with council and the mayor in public were rehearsed and choreographed prior to delivery.Card looked like he was on the WYO theatre stage,rather then at city hall.It was a joke to say the least.

If I had to bet on the Mayor picking a local as chief.I'd say it would be Chandler.Kinskeys been grooming him lately,he gets to sit through city council meetings now that cards gone.

For being such a self proclaimed expert on card and local politics there freakazilla,you sure don't have much of clue.

Daves still searching for a

Daves still searching for a YES man to take orders and follow whatever he says.He's already got 6 of them on city council.The residents will have a say and dave will still do whatever he wants first.

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