SCSD1/NWCCD Joint Board Meeting: More Technical Education

Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young
Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young

Sheridan County School District 1 board of trustees met at the college with Northern Wyoming Community College District board members Tuesday night to discuss dual and concurrent enrollment and other issues related to the current education forecast in the state.

No action was taken, but members of each party brought forth current local and state education concerns they hoped could be remedied in some way with an ongoing relationship between District 1 and Sheridan College.

District 1 Superintendent Marty Kobza said he would like to see more career, technical education programs and industry based certifications through the college for his students. He explained how it's important when students can take classes and see the immediate real-world relevance of what they're learning

“It's exciting when we can make it meaningful for a student, and they can see they have a means to earn money right out of the class,” Kobza said. “We want to make that junior and senior year meaningful.”

Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young said that more tech. ed. and industry certification could be one way to prevent there from being a pool of unqualified workers in a few years in the energy industry - something he was concerned about. He said the process of implementing new programs between the two doesn't have to be difficult.

“The school district ultimately is the one who decides what concurrent enrollment is," Young said. "We decide what warrants college credit.”

“You're [District 1] the right place for us to work with, let's pilot some programs.”

The discussion reached a wide range of interrelated topics, from the proposed admission standards at UW to college preparedness.

Though both institutions are under constant pressure from the state and federal government to show that students perform and at the same time complete their programs in a timely manner, each party was clear that they want to maintain their relationship in order to prepare students for life after school.

Dual enrollment has SC instructors teaching high school students, while concurrent is when students receive college credit from district instructors teaching the college's curriculum.

The Northwest Community College District works separately with school districts in the state, in an effort to cater to the specific needs and circumstances of each.

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