Science Standards Bill Returns to House

A bill that would allow Wyoming's state board of education to set standards for science education in the state is back in the state House of Representatives this week.

Rep. John Patton of Sheridan, a co-sponsor of the measure, said representatives will try to save House Bill 23 after the measure was effectively killed by an amendment in the Senate.

The Republican representative said the bill came out of the House earlier in this year's session, and passed two readings in the Senate without change. He said the Senate added the amendment on third reading.

Wyoming's board of education sets state education standards in three areas, including science. Last year, the Legislature inserted a footnote in the budget bill that banned the board from spending funds to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards. The standards are considered controversial in Wyoming because they indicate that humans have contributed to global climate changes.

HB 23 would eliminate the footnote and allow the board of education to proceed with considering the Next Generation Science Standards for adoption. The Sheridan representative said the education board was supposed to have started work last year on science standards, but were stopped by the footnote.

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