School Board Discusses Retirement Funding In Legislature

School Board Discusses Retirement Funding In Legislature

The Johnson County School Board got an update on the Legislative session from District Business Manager Matt Ramey, who said the main concern facing districts in the Legislature that may affect them next year is discussions surrounding External Cost Adjustment (ECA.

Ramey explained that there was an amendment last week that gave back to state employees, community college and University of Wyoming employees a two-year funded ECA, which increases salaries and benefits. It did not include K-12 employees.

Ramey said they had discussions with State Senator John Schiffer, who had plans to try to change that.

Superintendent Dr. Rod Kessler explained the issue is the state will make the $12 million available for potential increases for salaries if the districts pass the buck on paying the retirement on to the employees.
He continued by saying dependent on the percentage of the employees' contribution to their retirement might be more than the percentage of their increase in salary, essentially moving the employee's salary and benefits in a negative direction.

Nothing has passed in the Legislature yet, and the board was encouraged to keep up on the happenings there, as changes can occer up to the final day of the session.

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