Schiffer School Dual Enrollment Up

The launching of the John C. Schiffer Collaborative School last year has led to what Mitch Craft calls an exponential increase in dual enrollment – where students are taking college courses as well as high school classes.

Craft, who's an assistant superintendent at Sheridan County School District 2, said the Schiffer school opened in summer 2017, replacing District 2's former Fort MacKenzie High School.

There's no Schiffer school building yet, but Sheridan College has provided rooms for students' and faculty high school classes.

Craft said the Schiffer school, which provides an alternative high school experience for students, has an enrollment of just under 60 as this second year gets under way. And, he said, the internal model, how classes are taught, has been redesigned.

He said the teachers have been working very diligently for several years to transition to the project-based model to help students really dig in to interesting and weighty projects. He said the model gives students a way to demonstrate their competency other than through taking a series of assessments in a class.

He said the district has also been working to open doors for internships for the Schiffer students as well as create more structure around dual and concurrent enrollment for them.

Work is also moving forward on plans for an eventual school building. School District 2 has acquired land west of the Watt Building and has retained Malone Belton Abel as the local architect. Craft said students, parents and staff are all involved in the design work.

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